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Handheld Enclosures – find them in our series

April 17th, 2014

Handheld enclosuresSIMCO’s handheld enclosures are perfect for virtually any handheld electronic device. These DISCOVERY Series enclosures are as economical as they are attractive. When they were developed, DISCOVERY Series enclosures were SIMCO’s smallest enclosures to date. DISCOVERY Series enclosures are designed specifically to be used for any type of handheld device like remote controls, keypads, or other portable applications.

The DISCOVERY Series handheld enclosures are specially made to give the user a greater amount of flexibility. There are four different combinations of tops and bottoms. These different tops and bottoms are interchangeable, creating four distinct styles that can then be further customized with the custom tooling inserts for a unique design. The custom tooling inserts provide an affordable option for customizing these handheld enclosures, saving time and decreasing costs while giving the product unique functionality and looks. Openings for custom displays and controls, cut-outs for switches and connectors, bezels, and speaker grills are all features that can be molded in this way for further customization.

Handheld enclosures covers

There are two top covers to choose from. One is a sloped version with a high-tech, aerodynamic profile with sleek, flowing lines for products with a high visibility. The other is a standard cover which is perfect for general applications. The design is simplistic, yet not unattractive, and very functional.

Two bottom cover styles are also available. One of the bottom covers is plain, while the other includes a battery compartment. The battery compartment is tension loaded and includes a removable door and a positive lock. Both of the bottom covers include card guides and screw mounting bosses. Recessed areas for adhesive rubber feet can be also molded in as needed to make the product skid resistant.

SIMCO uses only high impact ABS plastic for the DISCOVERY Series. ABS is scratch resistant with a velvety soft texture. The standard available colors are black, beige, PC bone grey, and dark grey. SIMCO offers other options including EMI/RFI shielding, UL approved materials, and custom colors.

SIMCO also has another size off-the-shelf enclosure that was designed according to customer requests – the CHALLENGER Series 150×75. The top and bottom of the 150×75 enclosure will be customizable with the use of a tooling insert. As with all SIMCO CHALLENGER Series enclosures, it has a recessed area. This area will house the tooling insert, which will make customizing the enclosure much more economical. Other special features can be molded to minimize customization costs including battery compartments, vent slots and other cut-outs.

Inside, this new off-the-shelf enclosure will include card guides and mounting bosses. These will aid in assembly. SIMCO has also made available front and rear panels for the 150×75.

Just like the other CHALLENGER Series and DISCOVER Series SIMCO enclosures, the 150×75 are molded from high impact ABS plastic materials. ABS gives the enclosures a comfortable, if not ergonomic, soft suede or velvety feel and is scratch resistant – an important feature for handheld enclosures. The 150×75 is an important part of the SIMCO Challenger Series of off-the-shelf handheld enclosures.

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SIMCO Disclosures

We discuss all things to do with plastic enclsoures and thier applications in the electronics industry.