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We discuss all things to do with plastic enclsoures and thier applications in the electronics industry.

Audio Adapters XLR – designed by Studio 1

October 14th, 2013

Studio 1 has designed a new generation of XLR audio adapters for audio engineers, videographers and professional camera operators. Five models are available and allow the operator to record audio to two separate audio tracks, or they can be used as an audio mixer. The units have a belt clip to afford easy access to the controls and hands free operation. They can also be used with steady cam devices and jib arms, or be mounted directly to the tripod head.

Studio 1 designed its XLR Audio Adapters in the 160X25 SATURN enclosure. SIMCO machines the cutouts needed for Studio 1 ‘s assembly requirements and pad prints the sharp graphics for a totally customized appearance. The BC-1 Belt Clip completes and enhances the unit.

In addition to providing enclosures to Studio 1, SIMCO also assists in fabricating Jib Arms and Boom Poles for Studio 1 ‘s special requirements in our own machine shop.

David Knarr of Studio 1 says ”We never worry when we place an order with SIMCO. We know we ‘re always going to get quality parts delivered on time, every time. ”

Studio 1
Orlando, Florida
Ph: 407-812-1225 – Fax: 407-812-4580

One piece belt clip – developed at SIMCO

October 14th, 2013

One piece belt clipThe new One Piece Belt Clip that was developed recently by SIMCO is winning accolades from customers and design engineers worldwide.

The cleverly designed One Piece Belt Clip is the ultimate in simplicity. Unlike other belt clips that usually require drilling or punching holes in the enclosure and assembly of several small components the new SIMCO Belt Clip requires minimum installation. No drilling, no rivets or extra screws are needed, and no complicated assembly instructions. The one-piece belt clip has molded-in screw posts for positioning neatly within the existing case screw bosses. Assembly is completed utilizing the same Plastite® fasteners that are used to secure the case.

The design of the new product is such that it provides the lowest possible profile and maximum curve for spring retention. The clips are molded of high-impact ABS and have a lightly textured finish and rounded edges. The end result is a Belt Clip that is durable and aesthetically pleasing.

The part number for the new Belt Clip is BCl. In addition to the ENDEAVOR enclosures that are mentioned on page one the BCl Belt Clips will fit these four SATURN enclosures: 100X23, 100X25, 160X23, and 160X25.

Speech Enhancer Clarifies Speech!

October 14th, 2013

ESE Medical has developed a technology to make speech louder and clearer that goes beyond mere amplification.

The Speech Enhancer is a voice processor, which changes articulation. For those persons facing communication challenges because of unintelligible or low-volume voices, the Speech Enhancer is often the doorway to independence.

The system has a microphone and lightweight unit worn at the waist. When the person speaks, their voice comes out instantly sounding just like them, but clear and audible and with the proper volume. It also works with the telephone and computer speech recognition software.

ESE Medical designed the Speech Enhancer in SIMCO‘s pocket-size ENDEAVOR enclosure, the 35TB. ESE selected the 35TB Black enclosure over others sampled because of the appearance, size and the usable wall-to-wall space behind the end panel. SIMCO machines openings in the enclosure and end panel for assembly requirements and provides the sharp pad printed graphics for identification.

“We’re extremely pleased with SIMCO’s response to our special needs; this enabled us to accelerate our product introduction schedule and have three more products on fast track development. ”

ESE Medical, Inc.
12190 Natural Bridge Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63044
Ph: 314-731-1000 •FAX: 314-731-1130


October 13th, 2013


A frequent problem that design engineers face when trying to fit a product into an off-the-shelf enclosure is the placement of PC board bosses. They never seem to be in the right place to secure the circuit board, or else they are in the way of other components.

Knowing this to be an ongoing concern, SIMCO has developed several solutions for these problems.

The PMB125 is a universal mounting boss that is designed to bond securely within an enclosure with MEK or other bonding agent. These bosses can be located wherever needed for board placement. The board is held in place with easy to use push on fasteners or removable spring clips.

Some SIMCO enclosures can be molded with or without PC board mounting bosses. The DISCOVERY Series is a good example. These handheld cases have provisions for board placement between the screw bosses, leaving open space within the units for more circuitry. However, if additional mounting boss provisions are required the cases can be ordered with molded in PC board bosses.

For those SIMCO enclosures that do not have the option to be molded without PC board bosses, such as the CHALLENGER Series, SIMCO can remove any bosses that are in the way.

Whatever your assembly requirements might be, why not let SIMCO assist you? Sometimes all it requires is a simple tooling modification. Contact SIMCO’s Engineering Department for more information.


Once the PC board mounting boss and board placements are determined, a means to secure board to boss is required. Again, SIMCO offers a ready solution; a special thread forming Plastite® screw designed especially for thermoplastics.

The Plastite® PC board screws feature a steep helix angle that seats the screw in half as many revolutions, to reduce assembly time. The narrow threads and steep angle penetrate deeper into the plastic reducing stripping or pulling out The TriRoundular design minimizes radial stress and the boss failures that stress can cause.

The Plastite® screws are used to assemble all SIMCO enclosures. They eliminate the need for metal inserts and are cost effective. The Phillips head zinc screws have a baked clear chromate finish to prevent rusting.

Order number for the PC board screws is S14. The #4x .250 screws are packaged in bags of 100. To order contact SIMCO’s sales department.

Send today for a copy of the SIMCO Product Selection Guide describing the many SIMCO enclosures and accessories that are available from stock. Samples are available on request.

Invotel’s AudioImage Music On Hold Commander

October 13th, 2013

This issue of DISCLOSURES features the AudioImage 2L and 4L Music On Hold Commander by Invotel Corporation.

These unique adapters enable regular analog telephones to have a Music/OnHold feature utilizing the HOLD button on the telephone itself. Businesses can choose to provide music from a selected audio source or can record their own informational message or sales promotion. This ability projects a professional image to the caller.

Only one Audioimage controller is needed for all the phones in the office. The Audioimage 2L will handle 2 lines and the Audioimage 4L handles 4 lines.

Invotel designed the Audioimage in SIMCO‘s 35CBA ENDEAVOR enclosure. The contoured top with its recessed areas was perfect for the Invotel product. SIMCO machined openings in one of the recessed areas and also in the drop-in rear panel to accommodate switches and connectors. Eyecatching graphics applied to the other recessed area in the black enclosure completed its high-tech appearance.

2621 Pico Blvd. Ste. F
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(800)7470708 FAX(310)

Vocal Assistant

October 13th, 2013

GMR LABS designs and manufactures the Vocal Assistant line of portable voice-output communications aides.

The Vocal Assistant allows a family member or Speech Pathologist to digitally record a set of custom messages for an individual, who can play back any message from the membrane keypad or from an external scan switch. Scan switches are available in a wide variety of configurations, and provide message access for individuals with special needs, such as limited visual acuity.

Because they’re easy-to-use and portable, Vocal Assistant products are enhancing communications in individual’s homes, hospitals, special education departments, and health care facilities throughout the country.

The SIMCO Discovery Series enclosures and value-added machining services provide a sleek and professional package for the vocal assistant product line. It’s especially nice to work with the friendly and professional people at SIMCO.

George Roark, President
GMR Labs
1030 E. El Camino Real #308
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(408) 243-3730 • FAX: (408) 243-3731
e-mail: [email protected]

SIMCO enclosure colors

October 13th, 2013

Q: I recently requested a SIMCO enclosure in Beige and was told that Beige was being discontinued. Is this true and if so what colors will be available?

A: Yes, Beige has been discontinued as a stock color for SIMCO. The GE Color #82073 Beige is being replaced by a softer, more subtle shade called SAND. SAND was chosen for its more neutral coloring and its appeal in the computer and medical industries to blend in with other business machines and instrument housings. We will still offer BEIGE as a “special” color. Samples of the new SAND color are available on request.

Did you know that about plastic?

October 13th, 2013

Did you know this about plastics?

  • The production of paper bags requires more energy and oil (in addition to trees) than the production of plastic bags and also produces greater pollutants.
  • Plastic grocery sacks require 1/4th the storage space of paper, both at the grocery and in the land fill.
  • Plastics packaging has helped reduce food spoilage in the industrialized world to around 2%. Developing countries have a spoilage rate of between 30 to 50% .
  • The manufacture of all plastics only uses about 2% of the crude oil and natural gas consumed annually in the U.S .
  • Plastics in the average motorist’s car cuts fuel consumption by nearly 5% and contributes to improved safety performance .
  • Plastics neither rot nor rust, and applications continue to increase. Witness the increased use of plastic lumber .
  • Best of all, plastics can be recycled.

SIMCO Disclosures

We discuss all things to do with plastic enclsoures and thier applications in the electronics industry.