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SIMCO’s Value Added Services for Plastic Enclosures

May 7th, 2015

simco-value-added-service-01Technology coincides with the needs of the human race. Every progression of the human race is tantamount to the development of technology. Now that we live in the 21st century, technology has evolved vastly that every technology available answers every specific human need.  It is therefore essential that new set of contraptions be invented to answer the needs of technology. These essential contraptions must therefore ensure the durability of technology.

There are a handful of companies all over the world that solely exist to provide contraptions that can ensure durability of electronic gadgets. One of these companies is Standard Injection Molding Company orSimco. As the company’s vision states, its goal is to provide the best maintenance services for high technology equipment. One of the many contraptions that Simco provides is the plastic enclosure.

Plastic enclosures are protective casings that provide shelter to sensitive electrical gadgets. Simco provides a whole kind of plastic enclosures that cater to the different needs of its clientele. As the company’s goal is to provide state of the art enclosures, it has vowed to continually research and develop plastic enclosures that answer the different needs and issues of every single clientele. Simco is actually proud of the value added services its plastic enclosure can provide the costumers.

What are these value added services?

Simco is proud to say that the materials used to produce plastic enclosures passed high quality standards. In fact, its high quality material contains high impact ABS which guarantees durability and rigidity as well as fire resistance. Some enclosures with custom colors even provide high heat resistance. All these products are certified and are compliant of high standards.

Another value added service from Simco’s plastic enclosures is its capacity to be customized. Simco’s plastic enclosures can be machine drilled to create cable holes or openings for switches. If machine drills are not available to the costumers, it is not a problem. Simco actually provides custom made plastic enclosures for any clientele. Costumers just need to send a detailed illustration with preferences and Simco’s resident designers will discuss the different options to create the custom made plastic enclosure. If you fear a spike in the prices for custom made plastic enclosures, you need not fear. Simco provides customers’ alternatives like low cost moldings to lower the cost of the production of custom made plastic enclosures.  Despite the lower costs, you are still assured of top quality products.

Another value added service for Simco’s custom made plastic enclosure is an option to print a personal or corporate logo on the plastic enclosure. Simco takes pride on their Pad Print which gives an extra option for its clients to personalize or even design custom made plastic enclosures. This extra service is enticing for other companies that wish to be known or wish to have extra advertisement through the installation of their custom made Simco plastic enclosures.Simco offers a variety of color schemes so as to not limit the customer’s choices. Also, Simco presents this value added service for an affordable price.

Finally and most importantly, Simco provides plastic enclosures that have electromagnetic interference or radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) shielding. By using Simco’s EMI/RFI shielded plastic enclosures, electronic gadgets are protected from radiation and emissions. Simco uses an acrylic lacquer that is laced with nickel to coat the insides of these plastic enclosures. This provides conductivity and attenuation that repels radiation and emissions.

What are Simco’s other services?

There are many other services that Simco provides its customers. Simco can make a special packaging for its plastic enclosures for those clients who wish to re-sell or give away plastic enclosures. Simco also provides engraving and part labelling services for additional customization of plastic enclosure. Simco’s other services are drilling, tapping, milling, gluing, printing, light assembly, fabrication, and many more.


Simco’s provides services to ensure customer satisfaction. Part of the company’s vision is to be the most treasured supplier of maintenance and equipmentsuplies and because of that Simco vows to provide both quality and satisfaction.  These two important vows are what make Simco the most trusted brand for plastic enclosures. The company heavily invests in research and development to make sure top of the line services for all its clientele.

So if you are looking for added services for your plastic enclosures such as printing your company logo or custom designing your enclosure for your electrical device, then Simco box should be the brand to be trusted. Simco’s plastic enclosures guarantee durability and rigidity which are safe against different weather conditions. Simco also has plastic enclosures that have EMI/RFI shielding to protect electrical gadgets from superfluous radiation or electrical emissions.

So check out Simco’s website at There you will find numerous products and the value added services that they offer. is the website to see.

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SIMCO Disclosures

We discuss all things to do with plastic enclsoures and thier applications in the electronics industry.