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Shielding and Plastic Enclosures: What You Need to Know

February 23rd, 2017

Credit: Parker Chomerics Shielding and Plastic enclosures

Credit: Parker Chomerics

As the world continues to move toward an ever-increasing reliance on electronics for a variety of uses, the question then turns to the protection of these electronic devices. Interference from radio frequencies and/or electromagnetic energy can be damaging to electronics and render them inoperable. In answer to this critical issue, there has been a great deal of research conducted on shielding and ways to eliminate radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Methods of Protecting Electronics

There are three primary methods of preventing interference from radio frequencies and electromagnetic energy. The first involves a reduction of cables and wires so that no excess is used. A second method requires the installation of additional parts, such as inductors, circuit breakers or capacitors, in an effort to provide a filter system. Providing some form of enclosure for the electronic device is the final method of protecting these valuable parts. For many of today’s applications, enclosures provide better protection at a more value-conscious price point.

Plastic Enclosures Offer Superior Protection

Unlike enclosures made of other materials, such as metal or aluminum, plastic enclosures provide a material that is easy to work with in terms of RFI/EMI shielding. In most cases, plastic enclosures that are designed to offer such protection are sprayed with a lacquer with an acrylic base that is combined with copper or nickel. This coating prevents the electronic device within the enclosure from being damaged by radiation.

Importance of Using Plastic Enclosures with RFI/EMI Shielding

Frequency disturbances that one device can emit could damage another electronic device. Using plastic enclosures with RFI/EMI shielding provides a simple and effective method of ensuring that these frequency disturbances are not an issue. Because RFI and EMI can cause significant interference in devices — such as the suppression of the signals that a device generates internally, internally-generated emissions that can interfere with normal equipment operations or ambient external interference with other equipment operations — providing a method of shielding is imperative for the successful operation of many of today’s crucial industries.

Industries Helped by RFI/EMI Shielding

One of the most important industries in the world today — the telecomm industry — relies heavily on preventing the effects of RFI and EMI. A signal’s reception can be hampered other signals that are too similar in frequency. Using RFI/EMI shielding can prevent interference from those frequencies that are not correct. Within the medical industry, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has set strict standards that medical providers must comply with. Medical equipment must not be affected by those electronic devices that are found throughout the facility, such as cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices. RFI/EMI shielding ensures compliance with these regulations. Within the board room, protecting audio/visual equipment from interference from nearby electronic devices with the use of RFI/EMI shielding increases productivity while protecting valuable equipment.

SIMCO specializes in offering enclosures to meet a variety of needs, including plastic enclosures with RFI/EMI shielding. The coating they use, SprayLac, is the leader in the industry and offers superior results for SIMCO‘s customers. Contact them at 800.780.9090 for more information.


Plastic Cases and Enclosures for Electronics and Desktop Units

February 1st, 2016

Plastic cases have truly come a long way in recent years. No longer are these enclosures simply regarded as accessories for electronics and handheld devices. In fact, todays plastic cases are designed for optimal performance and functionality. 250x6 Blue SNo truer is this then when it comes to housing products, along with securing devices and even desktop units. As an industry-leader in plastic housings, SIMCO continues to create innovative and cutting-edge enclosures for all clients and industries. From plastic prototype to production, they have the tools and expertise to meet all customer needs within time and budget. From small products and handhelds to desktop enclosures, their ABS boxes are RoHs and Reach compliant, ensuring the highest grades of plastic with sturdy and durable 94Hb and 94VO materials.

The SIMCO Difference

SIMCO is a reputable company that continues to receive stellar reviews and ratings. Our products also continue to be heralded for their practicality and multi-range functionality. Whether for brand presentations or simply to safeguard electronics and accessories, you are guaranteed the best plastic enclosure and cases at cost-affordable prices. We also strive to integrate the most advanced technologies for plastic housings and enclosures that truly achieve desired results. Our products and services include:

  • Small and large Plastic Housings for desktops and bench tops used for testing equipment, meters, telecommunications, and security monitoring devices
  • Plastic Enclosures available with wall mounting tabs, PC board mounting bosses, battery access, screw-free potting boxes.
  • Plastic Handheld Enclosures-perfect for devices with remote control housings, battery access, PC boards, and cases.
  • Easy ordering options at the site-customized orders for companies and clients wishing to secure brand integration.

Injections Molds – Tools and Accessories

SIMCO also features the largest inventory of tooling accessories for DIY applications. When it comes to injection molds, it is vital to keep these tooling units in good condition. This allows you to mold the best products you can for your electronics, products, and even desktop accessories. With precise and concise injection molding-you can secure maximum mold contouring for all your items and accessories. While this is mainly for clients and brands that want to customize DIY options- we already feature a myriad of existing cases and enclosures for all your needs. Simply browse our extensive online gallery and choose from a wide array of plastic housings, moldings, cases, and more.

As your premier ABS plastic enclosure specialists, we guarantee the most sturdiest and long-lasting products for all customers. For more information, visit our site today and get the results you deserve!

Yeaster uses Machining and Printing Services from SIMCO

December 12th, 2014

Yeaster Uses SIMCO‘s Value Added Services for Machining and Printing


SIMCO supplied the enclosures and provide the machining and printing we needed for our project. We couldnt be happier with their service.

Without yeast, you cant have beer. Without happy & healthy yeast, you cant make great beer. Yeastir is an affordable, high quality magnetic stir plate that helps cultivate yeast cells to make better beer!

Yeaster Plate

Stir plates use magnetic fields to stir fluids without introducing unwanted dirt, bacteria, or other organisms. Yeastir is special, because it uses a USB connection, which is convenient, low power, and available around the world. The same model of Yeastir is used by beer brewers across the United States, Canada, and Europe without modification.

A good stir plate must provide a stable, level surface to safely seat lab flasks 10 inches wide and weighing more than 10 pounds. Great products have unique feel to them and we wanted Yeastir to feel solidly constructed and durable. We use enclosures from SIMCO, because they offer us the same high quality products that we want offer our customers.

We, the creators of Yeastir, started with the desire build a beer brewing tool that we would be proud to sell. We decided to make a stir plate when we noticed that our brew friends were avoiding cultivating yeast, because they could not afford to buy and did not want to build their own stir plates.

For more information about Yeastir and how to order, check out

As always, best of luck with your next brew!

External Hard Drive Enclosures 101

August 14th, 2014

External hard drives make it incredibly easy for users to transfer large amounts of data from their computer to other sources. It’s incredibly easy to transform internal hard drive into external by installing the right enclosure on it.

The external hard drive makes it easy for users to back up their data and prevent data loses. By installing a good enclosure on your internal hard drives you improve their durability and you can install them on any device you have.


What are some of the features of external hard drive enclosures?

Materials used

External hard drive enclosures are created using 3 main materials – metal, aluminum and plastic. Sometimes, manufacturers use a combination of all three materials to make the enclosure even more durable and efficient.


Connection Type

Most of the external hard drives can be connected to your computer system using standard USB 2.0 and 1.1 ports. The choice for the most suitable type of connection needed for your external hard drive depends on the free ports you have in your system.

USB 2.0 offers a lot higher file transfer speed than USB 1.1 and if you have such port on your system its best to take advantage of this connection type.


Hard Drive Interface

Most of the internal hard drives used in Desktop computers come with two main types of interfaces – SATA and IDE. The hard drives using the SATA interface are largely popular and offer better performance than those using IDE. There are special enclosures for SATA hard drives, which will enable you to take advantage not only of USB 2.0, but also Firewire connection type.



Depending on the machine they are used for, hard drives come in two main sizes – 3.5 and 2.5 inch. The first ones are widely used for desktop configurations, while the second one for netbooks and laptops. Typically, the 3.5 inch hard drives are more reliable and offer faster transfer speeds, but the size really depends on the machine you are looking to upgrade with an external hard drive. 


Bays Available

Hard drive enclosures are available with single and dual bays. Depending on the amount of external hard drives you want to use, you can choose between the two types of enclosures. You can always buy new single bay hard drive enclosure if you need some extra storage space in the future.


How to use an external hard drive enclosure?

You just learned the main features of external hard drive enclosures, so if you don’t know where to start from, here are some simple steps to prepare the right hard drive enclosure for your needs:


  • The most important thing to consider when choosing external hard drive enclosure is the connection type supported by your computer. USB interfaces are incredibly popular and they are the most preferred choice for users.
  • Place the internal hard drives in the enclosure and connect all necessary cables. Once you have the hard drive connected to the enclosure you simply need to plug it in your computer.
  • You are done! External hard drive enclosures make it incredibly easy and fast to transform internal hard drives into external ones without almost no technical knowledge.

Handheld Enclosures and Desktop Enclosures for your Electronics.

July 23rd, 2014

a1049Handheld Enclosures and Desktop Enclosures

SIMCO’s handheld enclosures can be great for practically any handheld electronic gadget. These Handheld Series enclosures are generally as affordable as they are beautiful. When they had been designed, handheld Series enclosures were SIMCO’s smallest enclosures to date. Handheld Series enclosures tend to be built exclusively to be used for any form of handheld gadget like controllers, keypads, or additional convenient functions. The DISCOVERY Series handheld enclosures can be specially made to offer the operator a better quantity of versatility. There are four different mixtures of tops and bottoms. These different tops and bottoms tend to be exchangeable, producing four specific variations that can then be further customized with the custom tooling inserts for a sole pattern. The unique tooling inserts supply an inexpensive choice for personalizing these handheld enclosures, saving time and decreasing costs while giving the product distinctive functionality and looks. Openings for custom led screens and controls, cut-outs for buttons and connectors, bezels, and speaker grills tend to be all features that can be molded in this method for additional customization. Handheld enclosures covers, there are two top covers to decide from. One is a sloped style with a high-tech, smooth profile with sleek, flowing lines meant for products with a high visibility. The other is a standard cover that is great for usual functions. The design is simplistic, yet not unattractive, and very functional. Two bottom cover models tend to be also on hand. One of the bottom covers is basic, as the other comprises a battery area. The battery compartment is tension loaded and contains a detachable door and a positive lock. Both of the bottom covers contain screw mount bosses and recessed locations for adhesive rubber feet needed to make the product skid resistant.

SIMCO uses only high impact ABS plastic for the DISCOVERY Series. ABS is scratch resistant with a velvety soft texture. The standard available colors are black, PC bone grey, and dark grey. SIMCO offers other options including EMI/RFI shielding, UL approved materials, and custom colors.

SIMCO also has another size of off-the-shelf enclosure that was developed according to customer requests – the Desktop Series 150×75. The top and bottom of the 150×75 enclosure textured to resist scratching and scuffing at the same time giving it an attractive appearance. As with all SIMCO’s Desktop Series enclosures, it has a recessed area. Inside, this new off-the-shelf enclosure will include card guides and mounting bosses. These will aid in assembly. SIMCO has also made obtainable front and rear panels for the 150×75. The panels can be molded to minimize customization costs including vent slots and other cut-outs.  Just like the other Desk Top Series and Handhelds Series SIMCO enclosures, the 150×75 are molded from high impact ABS plastic materials. ABS gives the enclosures a comfortable, if not ergonomic feel and is scratch resistant an important feature for handheld enclosures. The 150×75 is an important part of the SIMCO Desktop Series of off-the-shelf plastic enclosures.

AlarmDecoder uses SIMCO‘s 075X12 Plastic Utility Box.

May 7th, 2014

NuTech Software Solutions, Inc. AlarmDecoder in SIMCO‘s 075X12 Plastic Utility Box.

With the AlarmDecoder AD2USB you will be able to control your Ademco or DEC /075X12 Small Enclosure Honeywell Vista alarm system from any device that has a USB port.

Arm and disarm, detect opening and closing of zones, program your panel, download programming and even monitor your alarm’s motion and other sensors directly from your home automation system. Virtual zone expanders allow you to interface other systems and devices with your home automation system!



  • Perfect for  embedded or Home Automation applications with USB.
  • A must have tool for alarm installers or someone wanting to program their own alarm panel.
  • Supports arming/disarming, detecting zone open/close, and programming your panel.
  • Monitor RF devices, even if they’re not configured on your panel.
  • Supports virtual zones, allowing you to integrate nearly anything with your home automation system.
  • Offers Mini USB B connection.
  • Protective enclosure with mounting tabs.
  • Powered by panel; uses 30mA
  • 115200 baud rate
  • Linux, Windows, OSX compatible.

NuTech selected the 075X12/M wall mount enclosure which features a flat bottom cover and molded top cover. SIMCO machined openings per customer specifications for a USB connection and wiring block.

Nu Tech Software Solutions, Inc.
11575 SW Pacific HWY #109
Tigard, OR 97223

Ph. 503-443-2000


Electronics Enclosures Work Hard Protecting Your Devices

April 1st, 2014

You want your electronic devices to last and ensure that they will be serving your employees for years to come. You made an investment in your electronics, and your employees, for that matter, so why not make one more small investment and protect your devices inside plastic electronics enclosusre?

Why, you might ask, do you need enclosures? All around us, every day, there are things that can cause harm to our sensitive electronics, not the least of which are radio frequency (RF) waves that are emitted by other electronics and electromagnetic (EM) waves that can come from a number of sources, including solar ejecta. While they provide us with the dazzling Northern Lights, they can also provide interference with the proper operation of electronics. Ever noticed your satellite TV signal fuzzing out on a clear, windless day?  Chances are good that it is the result of electromagnetic waves. Now, imagine what that can do to your portable electronics.

RF and EM waves can cause signals to be broken up, or even a loss of data while transmitting. The good news is that electronics enclosures can block these and keep your data safe. Whether pre-made or custom built, you can be assured your devices will run much more smoothly when they are properly shielded by these enclosures.

Enclosures are made from high-quality and long-lasting molded ABS plastic so they are not only functional, but also attractive. The enclosure can even be made from a colored plastic to help it blend into your office setting better. Rounded corners provide a level of comfort too, should you bump into one of the enclosures. The device inside the enclosure is also shielded from damage due to dampness in the air, dust particles, or industrial dirt as found in a warehouse or fabrication shop.

Dampness and electronics do not mix. The moisture can collect on the tiny metal components and corrode the metal, causing irreparable damage to intricate circuit boards. Dust might not seem like it would be harmful, since it is so soft, but it can actually get into devices and cause read/write errors or block up cooling fans. Electronics enclosures quickly become your electronic devices’ best friends, protecting them from the environment.

Speaking of the environment, when you are choosing a company to buy your enclosures from, look for one that complies with the various governmental regulations about proper chemical handling and environmental standards. In the United States, OSHA has requirements about clean air and the number of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be released safely.

The European Union has passed some stringent regulations that govern how chemicals are handled and imported. This is covered by REACH, the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals program that requires registration of certain chemicals above a set amount with the European Chemicals Agency in Helsinki, Finland. The EU also regulates six particularly dangerous chemicals, including lead, through the Restriction of Hazardous Substances, or RoHS, program.

Companies like SIMCO that have been in business a long time have built their business on customer service and being kind to the Earth. Select your electronics enclosures from a reputable and trusted manufacturer and you will not regret your choice.

Electronics Enclosures Make for a Wise Investment

March 28th, 2014

We hear it on the news every day – the economy seems to take one step back for every step forward. You made it through the toughest part of the recession and now you’re finally in the position to upgrade your employees’ computers, and you’re able to get your field team those handheld devices that you know will speed up receiving payments from customers as well as give your team a competitive advantage. You worked out the budget perfectly, but then you hear about electronics enclosures, and you start wondering two things – what are they exactly and why should you buy them?


Think about the following scenario. Your loyal office manager works hard, and he also loves to keep the plants in the office looking healthy. One day he’s watering the spider plant over Jane’s desk and he gets distracted by co-workers talking about how exciting that playoff game was. Suddenly he overfills the flower pot, and water trickles down onto Jane’s computer. He quickly moves the computer out of the way, and that prevents any water from getting inside. But what if that had happened over the ventilation slots?  Jane’s computer would have been toast, and so would her big presentation for the head office she was going to give on Friday. This is one place a plastic enclosure comes in handy – protecting precious computers from dust, dirt, and water so that your data is safe and your devices run better, for longer.


Here’s another reason you need electronics enclosures. In any office there are multiple electronic items, all of which emit a slight amount of radio frequency. Add all of those devices up, and you end up with the potential for those multiple radio frequency waves to interfere with your computers or field testing devices. False readings or the inability to read information correctly can be quite problematic. Computers that lose data can cost your company business and revenue. Enclosures can protect all of your electronics from these types of problems.


Electronics enclosures come in a number of shapes and sizes. From flat-bottomed enclosures perfect for wall mounting to pocket enclosures great for small devices, field equipment cases to large enclosures for computers, enclosures can protect your investment for a modest sum, and save you from having to buy expensive new equipment so often. Mounting brackets and static-proof Plastite® screws mean you can affix your device to a wall or shelf, keeping it safe from movement, or getting it up and out of the way in tight spaces.

Custom enclosures can also be manufactured just for you and your specific device. Send a prototype or an engineer’s concept drawing in and your enclosure can be modified, no matter the size or shape. No chance for your device to rattle around inside, it will fit perfectly, nestled into its home. Ask about expansion panels or access ports for easy battery changes.


Then again, if you need something right away, you can order some of the many pre-made units as described above. In less than a week, your devices will be sheltered from the elements and protected for years to come.


Companies like SIMCO also make sure their products adhere to REACH and RoHS regulations in the EU, and OSHA requirements in the US. This way you can be sure your electronics enclosures were made in such a way that they will not be harmful to the Earth, or to you.


Electronic Enclosures – Research well for the best

March 25th, 2014

Electronic enclosuresI can certainly say that owning my own manufacturing company has brought me many sleepless nights as I always have to try and produce the best and safest electronic enclosures for my customers. This is the reason for my constant search for good and quality housing for my items. I manufacture technical equipment and different remote control devices and I always look for the best plastic electronic enclosures there are on the market. I have just finished my contract with the previous supplier as they failed to comply with the EU regulations and we terminated our orders immediately. The last thing I want is dangerous enclosures that can cause huge harm to my customers. That is why I had to make a research on the internet and see how to replace them.

Utility boxes now to be found at SIMCO

March 20th, 2014

utility boxesSimco has developed a line of utility boxes specifically designed to meet the customers’ needs. These utility boxes can be customized to fit the enclosure needs of any small electronic device and offer protection from wind, rain, and air pollutants. The newer Discovery boxes have dimensions measuring 2.97”W x 4.82” L x 1.30” H.

Discovery series utility boxes can also be customized. There are four standard utility boxes models provided by the company. The 35CB features a contoured top and solid bottom. The 35TB features a plain top and a solid bottom; the models with solid bottoms are ideal for machining or tooling. The 35CBA features a contoured top with battery access on the bottom, and the 35TBA features a plain top with battery access on the bottom. Any of these utility boxes designs can be customized using low-cost tooling inserts to fit the customer’s needs.

SIMCO Disclosures

We discuss all things to do with plastic enclsoures and thier applications in the electronics industry.