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Looking for Battery Compartment?

May 16th, 2015

Do you have issues with some plastic enclosures because of the lack of battery compartments or slide in battery panel?  We have three proposed solutions to this problem.


First Solution

The first solution to this problem is to use one of Simco‘s wall mount plastic enclosures as an attachment to your electrical gadget.  We offer a wide range of wall mount plastic enclosures that can fit all sorts of batteries, from a triple A size to a 9V battery.

What you can do is to utilize two plastic enclosures. The first enclosure can house the electronic device itself, while the second plastic enclosure will house the batteries. Since the plastic enclosure has wall mounting holes, you can connect the two enclosures using plastite screws.

You may also use a Simco large utility box to house the electronic device and then use a smaller wall mount plastic enclosure as a battery compartment. To make the battery compartment steady, it can be mounted on one of the side panels of the utility box.

The possibilities are endless with Simco’s plastic enclosures. What you just need to do is to be more creative and innovative by how you use the enclosures. Plus, since it is plastic, it is very easy to connect and to fuse together.  Who says you can only use one plastic enclosure for every electrical device you have? Now, you know that you can put them all together.

Second Solution

If solution number 1 cannot really remedy your battery compartment issue, then you can opt for solution number 2.  Most of our clients actually forget about this service offered by Simco but we want to remind you that Simco offers drilling services. This means that we can carve out a panel from our readymade plastic enclosure to create a removable battery panel.  All you need to do is to choose a Simco plastic enclosure and fit in your electronic device. From fitting the device, you can already plot where the batteries will be placed and therefore know where the battery panel should be as well.  After determining where the battery panel is, you can give us specific instructions like which side panel to cut, the measurement, etc.  You can also instruct us to drill additional holes just in case you need to put wires or cables or screen panel.

At Simco, we prioritize your needs that is why we offer services such as drilling and etching to make sure that we give you what you really need.

Third Solution

If solution number 1 does not sit well with you and solution number 2 does not satisfy you as well, then you can choose the third solution.  The third solution is to have your plastic enclosure custom made from scratch.  Yes, we also offer custom made enclosures.  We offer this when we do not have a ready made enclosure that can fit your electronic device or satisfy the specifications that you need.  This is also your best option if you will order a lot of plastic enclosures from Simco.

Requesting for a custom made plastic enclosure from Simco is quite easy.  All you need to do is to draw a blue print of the design, complete with exact measurements, and then submit it to Simco.  Simco’s well-trained engineers and experienced plastic enclosure designers will take a look at your design and will speak to you personally to finalize the design. Once the design is final, then your custom made plastic enclosure is on its way to the manufacturing stage.

Problem Solved!

Having no battery compartment is no problem at all when it comes to Simco. You just need to be creative and put two plastic enclosures together, or just be innovative and ask Simco to create a battery access panel for you, or lastly just be inventive and design your own plastic enclosure to be produced by Simco.



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SIMCO Disclosures

We discuss all things to do with plastic enclsoures and thier applications in the electronics industry.