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Utility boxes now to be found at SIMCO

March 20th, 2014

utility boxesSimco has developed a line of utility boxes specifically designed to meet the customers’ needs. These utility boxes can be customized to fit the enclosure needs of any small electronic device and offer protection from wind, rain, and air pollutants. The newer Discovery boxes have dimensions measuring 2.97”W x 4.82” L x 1.30” H.

Discovery series utility boxes can also be customized. There are four standard utility boxes models provided by the company. The 35CB features a contoured top and solid bottom. The 35TB features a plain top and a solid bottom; the models with solid bottoms are ideal for machining or tooling. The 35CBA features a contoured top with battery access on the bottom, and the 35TBA features a plain top with battery access on the bottom. Any of these utility boxes designs can be customized using low-cost tooling inserts to fit the customer’s needs.

In addition to the modeling customization, the Discover series comes with an option of four different colors: sand, grey, dark grey, and black. The color customization option makes it easy to select an enclosure that will blend in with any décor.

The smooth surfaces of the Discovery series models also allow the user to easily identify their products. Product identification labels can easily be affixed to the surfaces. Another labeling option is imprinted custom product labels, which is a more permanent choice. The manufacturer offers this service at a very small cost. Additionally, each utility box can be modified for openings. These openings can be used for devices with displays, connectors, or switches.

The newest line of products in the Discovery series features easily assembly. The enclosure only requires a drop-in end panel and the simple placement of two screws. The panel and two screws come with the purchase of the enclosure.

In addition to providing protection for electronic equipment, the Discovery units are aesthetically pleasing. They come with a satin finish, which is both appealing and functional, and a scratch-resistant covering.

Simco is also launching a new product in its Saturn line. This is a small multi-purpose utility box measuring 0.940” x 1.80” x 2.30.” The enclosure fits together simply with no screws required. The top and bottom pieces snugly complete this box, making it ideal for the enclosure of circuit boards and other small electronic devices. For permanent sealing, a small amount of glue can ensure that the top and bottom remain fully sealed.

The Saturn features an appearance that is sure to please. It has a lightly polished texture and smooth rounded edges. This unique design helps it resist scratches. There is also an option for colors, with the Saturn coming in either black or PC bone grey.

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SIMCO Disclosures

We discuss all things to do with plastic enclsoures and thier applications in the electronics industry.