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What is an Ergonomic Design?

March 1st, 2015

Any system or product is meant for a purpose. To realize this purpose, it must be made in a proper way. It should be functional. It should also be easy to use. Many efficient products may fail if they are not user friendly. When a product is made with user friendly features, it is said to have an ergonomic design.

24TB/P ABS Pocket Size Plastic Enclosure with Ergonomic Design

24TB/P ABS Pocket Size Plastic Enclosure with Ergonomic Design

Human factors

Ergonomic design studies the human factors. These factors are studied while crafting a system or product.Human factors are a set of disciplines. These factors study the communicationsbetween humans and the surrounding objects and environment. It studies how people handle objects. It also studies what is simple for them.Ergonomicthings are easy and comfortable to use. It is easy to learn and handle these products. Ergonomists make use of their knowledge on human behaviour. They also study other sciences to make ergonomic products. A lot of research and data are required in making an ergonomic design. These researches study the difficulties faced in designs. They then propose new designs based on research data. A common usability test isused to evaluate a design.


The dimensions and shape of the object are the major components of a design.According to the purpose of the object, the shape and dimensions of the object can be varied. These variations help in making the product user friendly.Ergonomics consists of three fields of research.They are:

  • Physical
  • Cognitive
  • Organisational ergonomics.

Physical ergonomics deals with making consumer and industrial products. This field of ergonomics uses many branches of science. They aim at creatingthe most comfortable and safe products.

Cognitive ergonomics deals with making products that do not require deep thinking. These products do not strain a user’s memory. They are also easy on cognitive abilities. Cognitive abilities include perception, memory, reasoning andmotor response. This field focuses on producing products. The products reduce mental workload. It helps in creating products and systems that are easily learnable.

Organizational ergonomics deals with the social structures and policies. It helps in improving these systems. Improvement is done with the help of ergonomic work environment.


Products with ergonomic design are found to have been successful. They are better in terms of functionality.People find it easier work with ergonomically designed products.They find it enjoyable. Ergonomic design also boosts productivity. It encourages people to work more comfortably. Users can understand the product easily. They can use it better.

24TBA/P ABS Pocket Size Plastic Enclosure with Ergonomic Design

24TBA/P ABS Pocket Size Plastic Enclosure with Ergonomic Design

Ergonomics improves correctness and reduces errors. It reduces stress, strain and chances of injury.It reduces tiredness and fatigue. People tend to work with a relaxed mind.It also saves time and cost. It lets people learn faster. It also helps them to work faster. It improves efficiency and reliability.Ergonomic products fulfil safety regulations. They are hence highly recommended. It also adds an appealing touch to the products.

Consumer product design

Ergonomic Consumer products design provides comfort. The other factors that are also considered are

  • function,
  • aesthetics,
  • safety,
  • durability and
  • usability

Ergonomic plastic enclosures from SIMCO

24TB ABS Pocket Size Plastic Enclosure and 45TB, 45 Series – Plastic Hand Held Enclosures from SIMCO meet all the characteristics of a good design. These are pocket size and hand held plastic boxes. They have an ergonomic design for easy use. They have an advanced ergonomic design for comfort. They are easy to handle and these plastic enclosures are available in many sizes. The enclosures are made from ABS plastic. ABS material is a thermoplastic polymer. It is chemical-resistant. It is tough and has a good impact resistance. It satisfies the ergonomic guidelines as it a safe material. It provides protection against high heat and impact. It is flame retardant. It is also RoHS compliant.These boxes are durable. They are also environmentally safe.


24TB ABS Pocket Size Plastic Enclosure


The 45 Series – Plastic Hand Held Enclosure measures 1.40″ x 3.680″ x 5.360″. Its ergonomic design features rounded corners, curved contours, and a slightly recessed area for key pads, overlays, etc. It is suitable for many applications such as meters, medical and test equipment. This hand-held enclosure has an IP Rating of 65.

The 24TB plastic enclosures measure 1.00″ x 2.825″ x 4.120″ and offers 7.8 cubic inches of internal space for your design needs. Like the 45 Series – Plastic Hand Held Enclosure, its ergonomic design features rounded corners, curved contours which will allow it to lay in your hand comfortably or you can drop it in a pocket when it is not being used a handheld device.

The enclosures are also pleasing to look at. They are beautifully designed with a good finish.


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SIMCO Disclosures

We discuss all things to do with plastic enclsoures and thier applications in the electronics industry.