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Enterprise Series – introduced by SIMCO

April 21st, 2014

Enterprise seriesSIMCO Industries has introduced a product line called Enterprise, a molded plastic container designed for those larger places that need a secure protection to hold their manufactured electronic components. Electronic components need a protective environment that will shield them from wind, rain, dust, and air pollutants. Although many containers have been produced, they are often too flimsy or too small to hold the more complicated and delicate instrumentation required in today’s manufacturing environment.

Enterprise series models


The Enterprise Model #425X911 has a large footprint of 4.25 by 9.30 by 10.93 inches, just the right size to hold commercial and industrial wiring components and PC boards. The Enterprise Model #425X911 enclosure has a clamshell design with a textured leather-like surface, which is adaptable to silk screening, graphic overlays, custom industrial coating, or machining. The Enterprise container has molded ventilation slits in the top and bottom for temperature control and molded installation bosses for ease in installation of PC boards, allowing them to be snugly fit for secure and sheltered positioning. There are sliding panels in the front and rear for flexibility in the usage of the product and ease of access by the production engineer. Plastite screws and rubber feet are included with the product for completion of assembly at the reception site.

There are exciting color selections available, in addition to the standard bone grey, dark grey, and black; custom colors are also obtainable with a consult when ordered from the distributor or manufacturer. Housings can be custom machined before delivery to include the various holes and slits needed for complicated and meticulous wiring needs. Everything within the Enterprise Model #425X911 can be specially made for the convenience of the manufacturer to enable a showpiece product with an exclusive design for the final consumer.

The Enterprise Model #425X911 has been very useful in the medical equipment-manufacturing sector, which prompted the demand for this much larger container option. There are several manufacturing uses for this size, including test equipment and electrical containers for indoor or outdoor facilities. Telecommunications manufacturers have long expressed an interest in this expanded size for their work environment for retention of the sophisticated and intricate technology required in the industry.

In addition to this largest container introduced by SIMCO, the Enterprise Model #425X911, SIMCO has also inaugurated its smallest container for purchase, the Saturn sized enclosure. This product has a small outline of just 0.785 x 1.51 x 2.26 inches to hold the tiniest wiring securely. The Saturn 075X12 is just the right size for pagers, pumps, and remote control transmitters or modules. This model can be purchased with or without mounting tabs on the sides for the customer’s convenience. The standard colors of bone grey, black, and dark grey are options, and custom coloration is negotiable. Customized machining, silk screening, labeling, and modifications are available to create the perfect habitat for the delicate needs of the manufacturer. The Saturn 075X12 is the right product for the needs of the microscopic fabricator.

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SIMCO Disclosures

We discuss all things to do with plastic enclsoures and thier applications in the electronics industry.