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RFI / EMI Shielding and Its Importance

April 4th, 2015

What is RFI/EMI?



This acronym means Radio Frequency/Electromagnetic Interference. This is a kind of interruption that has an effect on an electrical circuit that is caused by electromagnetic energy from an outside source.  When such interruption occurs, it will have a damaging effect on the electronic device affected. And since there is an increase of usage of electronic devices, there is a higher chance that an electronic interference may happen.  For this reason, there have been a lot of research and initiatives done in order to prevent this to ensue.

What are the different ways to prevent RFI/EMI?

There are several techniques to prevent RFI/EMI.  The first way is to use cables or wires as minimal as possible. This just simply means that when electronic devices are connected via cables or wires, it should be measured well so that no extra cable loops out.  When cables and wires are measured well, it has minimal chance to experience electromagnetic interference. Meanwhile if cables and wires are left looping, it can cause a lot of interferences.

The second way is to install a filter system on the electronic device. This just simply means that the electrical source and electrical load to and from the device should be carefully thought of. In doing this, capacitors and inductors or even circuit breakers must be installed to control the flow of electricity which protects the electronic device.

The third and most important way is to protect the electronic device with an enclosure that is RFI/EMI safe.  There are many kinds of enclosures that are proven RFI/EMI safe. There are aluminium, metal, and plastic enclosures available to all consumers around the world. The best and cheapest kind of enclosure to use on electrical device is plastic enclosure.  There are now plenty of plastic enclosures available in that provide electromagnetic interference shielding or EMI shielding.

What is RFI/EMI shielding?




RFI/EMI shielding is a way of protecting electrical devices that are installed inside plastic enclosures to ensure minimal or no electromagnetic interference.

Plastic enclosures that have RFI/EMI shielding are usually sprayed with an acrylic based lacquer combined with nickel or copper which prevent the housed electronic device from damages due to radiation.

Which company produces the best plastic enclosure with EMI shielding?

Top of the line plastic enclosures with RFI/EMI shielding are made available by Standard Injection Molding Company or Simco.  Simco uses the best and up-to-date spray coating to prevent RFI/EMI.

This coating is called the Electordag 550 Coating.

This most recent kind of coating has the best attenuation rate and has the highest guaranteed protection from radiation and emission.


Why is it important to use plastic enclosures with RFI/EMI shielding?

Using RFI/EMI shielding to protect electrical devices ensures no frequency disturbances from one device to another. For telecommunications companies, they need to protect their telecom devices from RFI/EMI so that no other radio frequencies may affect or intersect from the frequency that they use. A concrete example is when you turn on an old television set and you use a two-way radio nearby. Somehow the television will be interfered by the frequency used by the two-way radio. The television may broadcast the conversation transpiring from the two-way radio.

Another setting that really needs RFI/EMI shielding is the airport.  The constant communication transpiring among different airplanes and the tower must never be interrupted by any other radio frequency.  If there is no EMI/RFI shielding, disasters may happen. This is the reason why RFI/EMI shielding is very crucial.

What is Simco’s thrust when it comes to RFI/EMI shielding?

Since RFI/EMI shielding can save lives and make our everyday lives safer and better, Simco wants to make sure that the quality they offer is incomparable from any other companies.  In order for them to live by those values, Simco complies with standards that can assure top quality to all its clients.  Simco’s plastic enclosures go through testing at Underwriters Laboratories or UL.  This is a highly credible consultation and certification company located at Illinois. Simco is proud to state that all of its plastic enclosures are UL certified which means that all of its plastic enclosures have passed safety and quality tests.

In Summary

RFI/EMI shielding is essential to ensure no radio frequency leakage or infiltration between devices. Whether it is a small or big electronic device, it should still be shielded from RFI/EMI.

Now that we have discussed in detail what RFI/EMI is and how it is shielded, you can now understand the importance of using enclosures that have RFI/EMI shielding. Hence, should you need to enclose your electronic device and shield your other devices from radiation or emission; you should invest in good quality enclosures from Simco. All of its plastic enclosures are UL certified and can be RFI/EMI shielded.  You can check all their products at




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SIMCO Disclosures

We discuss all things to do with plastic enclsoures and thier applications in the electronics industry.