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We discuss all things to do with plastic enclsoures and thier applications in the electronics industry.

Pocket size enclosures you can find at SIMCO

April 10th, 2014

pocket sizeSIMCO’s ENDEAVOR Series includes four pocket size plastic electronics enclosures that are very versatile. All pocket size enclosures are available either with or without battery compartment access. These enclosures are perfectly designed for a wide range of small electronics applications like security devices, programmable remote controllers, testing equipment, and medical devices. Their ergonomic design includes a curved contour and round corners that make the enclosures ideal for handheld devices as well. SIMCO has a belt clip that easily installs to the back of these enclosures for attaching to a belt loop or pocket.

Pocket size enclosures types

All of these pocket size cases have a slight recess on the top. This area is ideally suited for overlays, keypads, or other design elements. Two of the models feature a drop in panel on one of the ends. Also, two models allow easy battery access with a removable battery door.

The first of these pocket size models is the 24TB. This model has a top with a molded recessed area and an easy to assemble molded bottom. It can accommodate a typical PC board. Version 24TB/P has a drop in panel that can be tooled to make openings for switches, connectors, and lights.

Two of the models have battery access. The 24TBA includes a molded bottom with an easy to remove battery door. The 24TBA/P includes the drop in panel, which is opposite the battery compartment. The battery door slides on and off to allow easy access to the battery compartment.

All of the ENDEAVOR models are compatible with the SIMCO Belt Clip. The clip is one piece molded ABS and installs easily onto the back of any of the enclosures without drilling. The clip is designed with molded screw posts. The same screws that are used to assemble the case work as well for the belt clip.

The SIMCO Belt Clip is being lauded by both customers and engineers. It is very simply designed. Unlike other clips of its kind, there is no drilling required. No extra screws or rivets are needed. It is a one-piece clip with molded screw posts that are neatly positioned with the case’s existing screw bosses. To complete the assembly, you only need the same fasteners that are used for the case itself.

The clip is designed to have a low profile. They are made from smooth and scratch resistant ABS and feature rounded edges and a textured finish. Because of its unique design, the belt clip is not only attractive but also very durable. The SIMCO BC1 Belt Clip fits all ENDEAVOR enclosures and it fits four of the SATURN enclosures – 100×23, 11×25, 160×23, and 160×25.

The cases and the clip are all made from high impact SIMPLAS. They come in SIMCO’s three standard colors – Black, Dark Grey, and PC Bone Grey. Typical SIMCO options are available, including EMI/RFI shielding, 94Vo UL approved materials, and custom colors. Machine openings can be customized by SIMCO according to the customer’s assembly requirements. SIMCO can also imprint a company logo or other information onto the case.

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SIMCO Disclosures

We discuss all things to do with plastic enclsoures and thier applications in the electronics industry.