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What Accessories Can Be Fitted With Plastic Enclosures?

March 24th, 2014

SONY DSCPlastic enclosures come in a variety of models and designs and they can include a number of accessories, which they may require for proper closing, mounting or fitting the components they will be housing. A plastic enclosure can also be fitted with a number of additional accessories to match the requirement of the specific application it is meant for. Accessories play a vital role in some models of enclosures, as without some of them the boxes could not be held together. Different types of clips, screws, mounting brackets, panels, mounting bosses, etc. are available on the market and sold either as components of the kits that plastic enclosures are offered with or as spare parts for the cases when you may require replacement of a certain accessory or if you misplace one of the components and need a new one. Here are the more common options available.

Front/rear panels

Front and rear panels are available in various sizes and they are made specifically for desktop enclosures. They can be produced to fit your specifications and the material used is ABS plastic – the same as the one used for the plastic enclosures.

Plastic belt clips

Manufactured out of molded plastic as one-piece units, these are designed for easy installation without the need for expensive additional machining or complex assembly elements. They come with pre-drilled holes and screw posts molded in for placing the clips in the already existing bosses of the plastic enclosure without the need for additional drilling. They are installed in place with the same Plastite® screws with which the enclosures are assembled.


Plastic electronic enclosures are assembled with special Plastite® screws which are designed specifically for thermoplastics. They have a narrow helix angle and a special design which facilitates reducing the drive torque exerted on the thermoplastics and creating less stress onto the bosses, thus minimizing the chances for strip-out and improving the holding power of the connection. With Plastite® screws there is no need for lock washers or threaded inserts in the enclosure. Plastite® screws are also RoHS compliant.

Rubber feet

If you require better stability for your enclosures which you want to place on flat surfaces, there is provision for equipping them with rubber feet, too.

Battery doors

Usually, enclosures which are designed for housing equipment which runs on changeable batteries include these doors or panels as a part of the kit. However, you can order them separately as well, as replacement or spare parts.

Mounting brackets, handle and tilt stand kits

These types of accessories can be added to your plastic enclosure in order to provide you with additional mounting and installation options. They come equipped with all the necessary hardware and are usually made out of coated steel or aluminum.

There are a number of other accessories available which you can choose depending on the type of plastic enclosure you need them for and the specific application of the enclosure. There are mounting bosses for PC boards, different clips and mounting brackets which you can order separately from your enclosures as well.

All the accessories you fit with your plastic enclosures should be of the same quality as the housings themselves, so as to ensure you long-lasting and reliable service. They should also comply with the regulations set for such equipment; for instance, they should be RoHS compliant. Luckily, these accessories are very affordable and if you order additional parts together with your enclosures you won’t have to pay separate delivery charges either.

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SIMCO Disclosures

We discuss all things to do with plastic enclsoures and thier applications in the electronics industry.