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Saturn and Discovery Series Enclosures at SIMCO - SIMCO Disclosures

Saturn and Discovery Series Enclosures at SIMCO

March 17th, 2014

SaturnThe Saturn series was developed in Simco’s ninth year of operations. Saturn featured an innovative design with simple features. Model 160X23 was the first model developed in this series. Made of material designed especially for high impact, the Saturn quickly rose in popularity as a means to protect electronic devices. The Saturn series also featured inch-thick walls and flat tops and bottoms with rounded corners. Simco now has developed additional sizes in this line with the same product features that customers loved when the original was developed.

The Saturn series features flat, simply designed bottoms and tops. The bottom and top of the Saturn enclosure fit snugly together and can be secured using four stainless steel screws. These screws are included with purchase of the enclosure. The newer sizes are also modeled after this simplicity.

With the new additions to its line, the Simco Saturn enclosures now come in a variety of sizes. Model 100X23 comes with dimensions of 1.00”H x 2.49”W x 2.99”D, Model 100X25 with dimensions of 1.00”H x 2.50W x 5.00”D, Model 160X23 with dimensions of 1.60”H x 2.49”W x 2.99”D, and Model 160X25 with dimensions of 1.60”H x 2.50”W x 5.00”D. Each of these sizes still comes with the high quality that Simco customers have come to expect. The walls in each model are about 1” thick, giving the device enclosed a thick layer of protection. The enclosure protects its contents from wind, water, and air pollutants.

Simco has also updated their Discovery series line. They are now producing the original hand-held enclosures but including PC Board mounting abilities. The PC Board mounting is available for all three kinds of Discovery series bottoms, including the plain bottom, the 9V battery bottom, and the deep bottom. Though this feature is very convenient, it will not be offered with every enclosure. It is an optional feature and is not intended to replace the enclosures that customers have grown to love. The Discovery series of enclosures will be available from Simco with or without the PC Board mounting feature.

In addition to the products that Simco has developed, spring-style clips are now being offered as an alternative to push-on fasteners. Simco’s push-on fasteners were very easy to use for original installation. However, when trying to remove the fasteners, customers had difficulty. Because board modifications are often necessary to update equipment, it is important for the fasteners to be removable. Noting this common complaint, Simco developed spring-type clips. The spring-type clip can be easily installed and removed and can be used for any of the mounting bosses available through Simco. This allows users to easily access their equipment inside the enclosure, allowing them to make updates to the equipment when necessary.

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SIMCO Disclosures

We discuss all things to do with plastic enclsoures and thier applications in the electronics industry.