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Importance of Plastic Desktop Enclosures

December 17th, 2014

Fabricators use different materials to make desktop covers. These materials include stainless steel, mild steel, fiberglass, and plastic. All these materials have their own pros and cons. For example, metal may be strong but it does not offer the kind of qualities offered by plastic.

People use plastic to cover many types of equipment both at home and in the office. If you are looking to cover your equipment, you will consider several factors. Cost, need for changes, look, weight and hotness or coldness will all determine which material you choose.


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Why is plastic more important than other matter when it comes to cages? Plastic cages are better than metallic ones when you use them in different places. You can measure the value of plastic cages by returning to characteristics of plastic.

Plastic desktop enclosures can be both small and large in size. For the small types of covers that you would want to use outdoors, plastic is the best matter.

Plastics Have Different Traits

Please note that any plastic matter has its own rare traits. Like for other matter, you need to consider the following factors when choosing plastics for a desktop cover:

  1. How strong the material is to be
  2. The amount of effort needed to break the material
  3. Will the matter resist cracking?
  4. How easy is it to pull the element apart?
  5. How is the matter affected by an increase and decrease in the degree of hotness or cold?
  6. Does the material conduct heat? If yes, how much?

Good Qualities of Plastic

Plastic has many edges over other materials when used for desktop covers. Let us look at some traits that make plastic a better matter for desktop covers.


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Plastic is Not Magnetic

First, plastic does not show magnetic abilities. In other words, a magnet does not affect plastic. A magnetic element is not good for a desktop cover. Matters that stick to the magnet include iron, cobalt, and nickel. It is not wise to use a desktop cover that can pull a metallic item. Such a cover may harm the computer.

A magnet creates a fuss to the computer because it affects the components. Therefore, you should consider using a plastic cover. Plastic covers are excellent for desktops because they prevent disorder from a magnet.

Plastic is Lighter

The weight of a desktop is already too much. Add to it a cover and it becomes tricky to move the computer from one place to another. Plastic weighs less than most matters used to make computer covers. Therefore, plastic is the best choice for your desktop cover.


If you use most types of metal for your desktop case, shaking of the equipment can be a big problem. If the fan is attached directly to the case, the waves can be worse. If the shaking is too much, the units inside the case may start making noise.

If you ask a scientist, a thick material does not shake as much as a thin one does. Therefore, it is better to use a thick plastic than metal for your desktop case. Metal may be many times heavier and thicker than plastic. However, metal is also more costly than plastic. That is why a large number of makers are using plastic cases.

Stretching Ability

The ability to stretch is another good trait of plastic for desktop covers. Due to this characteristic, plastic is able to absorb the shaking effects of equipment. This is important because the computer needs protection from shaking. The ability to stretch of plastic is also good because the maker can fit the material in more spaces. There is no such chance if you are using metallic covers. Most metals are very hard, so they are not as easy to stretch as plastic.

Good Price

Everybody likes to look at the price of an item when considering buying it. Therefore, as a desktop buyer, you would choose one that is cheaper. You have an answer in plastic desktop covers. Plastic boxes are many times cheaper than metal and other materials. On one hand, metal is becoming harder to find everyday. On the other hand plastic is very easy to find. Plastic would be a better choice for you because it is cheaper than metal and other matters.

Works in Different Areas

Depending on what you do for a living, you may need to use your computer in harsh areas. For example, misty areas could harm the desktop. Even in the factory, some areas may be very cold due to water treatment and other activities. In such cases, most people prefer using plastic desktop covers instead of metal covers.

These points show that plastic desktop covers are very important. Plastic is the best material for a plastic computer cover. Choose from the many types of plastic and enjoy the benefits of the matter for your desktop shelter.

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SIMCO Disclosures

We discuss all things to do with plastic enclsoures and thier applications in the electronics industry.