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Shielding and Plastic Enclosures: What You Need to Know

February 23rd, 2017

Credit: Parker Chomerics Shielding and Plastic enclosures

Credit: Parker Chomerics

As the world continues to move toward an ever-increasing reliance on electronics for a variety of uses, the question then turns to the protection of these electronic devices. Interference from radio frequencies and/or electromagnetic energy can be damaging to electronics and render them inoperable. In answer to this critical issue, there has been a great deal of research conducted on shielding and ways to eliminate radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Methods of Protecting Electronics

There are three primary methods of preventing interference from radio frequencies and electromagnetic energy. The first involves a reduction of cables and wires so that no excess is used. A second method requires the installation of additional parts, such as inductors, circuit breakers or capacitors, in an effort to provide a filter system. Providing some form of enclosure for the electronic device is the final method of protecting these valuable parts. For many of today’s applications, enclosures provide better protection at a more value-conscious price point.

Plastic Enclosures Offer Superior Protection

Unlike enclosures made of other materials, such as metal or aluminum, plastic enclosures provide a material that is easy to work with in terms of RFI/EMI shielding. In most cases, plastic enclosures that are designed to offer such protection are sprayed with a lacquer with an acrylic base that is combined with copper or nickel. This coating prevents the electronic device within the enclosure from being damaged by radiation.

Importance of Using Plastic Enclosures with RFI/EMI Shielding

Frequency disturbances that one device can emit could damage another electronic device. Using plastic enclosures with RFI/EMI shielding provides a simple and effective method of ensuring that these frequency disturbances are not an issue. Because RFI and EMI can cause significant interference in devices — such as the suppression of the signals that a device generates internally, internally-generated emissions that can interfere with normal equipment operations or ambient external interference with other equipment operations — providing a method of shielding is imperative for the successful operation of many of today’s crucial industries.

Industries Helped by RFI/EMI Shielding

One of the most important industries in the world today — the telecomm industry — relies heavily on preventing the effects of RFI and EMI. A signal’s reception can be hampered other signals that are too similar in frequency. Using RFI/EMI shielding can prevent interference from those frequencies that are not correct. Within the medical industry, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has set strict standards that medical providers must comply with. Medical equipment must not be affected by those electronic devices that are found throughout the facility, such as cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices. RFI/EMI shielding ensures compliance with these regulations. Within the board room, protecting audio/visual equipment from interference from nearby electronic devices with the use of RFI/EMI shielding increases productivity while protecting valuable equipment.

SIMCO specializes in offering enclosures to meet a variety of needs, including plastic enclosures with RFI/EMI shielding. The coating they use, SprayLac, is the leader in the industry and offers superior results for SIMCO‘s customers. Contact them at 800.780.9090 for more information.


5 Tips for Insuring Safety with Your Electronics Enclosure Choices

May 25th, 2015


Safety should be the number one priority when it comes to installing and shelving an electrical device. You do not want to endanger your family nor your colleagues by choosing the wrong plastic enclosure to house your gadget. Unfortunately, despite the good intentions of keeping a household or workplace safe, a lot still do not know anything about the safety procedures and precautions when choosing the correct plastic enclosure for an electrical device. To somehow close the gap between the lack of knowledge and the variety of plastic enclosures available in the market, this article will share you some tips on how to choose the correct electronics enclosure to ensure safety.

Here are some crucial questions that you need to ask yourself before buying your plastic enclosure:

1) How heavy is your electrical device?

It is important to know the weight of your device before buying the enclosure. A perfect fit does not necessarily mean that it is the correct enclosure. You should know that plastic enclosures also have maximum weight limits that it can support. So before you purchase a plastic enclosure, know how many components will be installed in a given enclosure. Also, know where the plastic enclosure will be installed after enclosing the device. All these are very important details that are crucial to your safety.

SIMCO’s Value Added Services for Plastic Enclosures

May 7th, 2015

simco-value-added-service-01Technology coincides with the needs of the human race. Every progression of the human race is tantamount to the development of technology. Now that we live in the 21st century, technology has evolved vastly that every technology available answers every specific human need.  It is therefore essential that new set of contraptions be invented to answer the needs of technology. These essential contraptions must therefore ensure the durability of technology.

There are a handful of companies all over the world that solely exist to provide contraptions that can ensure durability of electronic gadgets. One of these companies is Standard Injection Molding Company orSimco. As the company’s vision states, its goal is to provide the best maintenance services for high technology equipment. One of the many contraptions that Simco provides is the plastic enclosure.

Plastic enclosures are protective casings that provide shelter to sensitive electrical gadgets. Simco provides a whole kind of plastic enclosures that cater to the different needs of its clientele. As the company’s goal is to provide state of the art enclosures, it has vowed to continually research and develop plastic enclosures that answer the different needs and issues of every single clientele. Simco is actually proud of the value added services its plastic enclosure can provide the costumers.

What are these value added services?

Simco is proud to say that the materials used to produce plastic enclosures passed high quality standards. In fact, its high quality material contains high impact ABS which guarantees durability and rigidity as well as fire resistance. Some enclosures with custom colors even provide high heat resistance. All these products are certified and are compliant of high standards.

Another value added service from Simco’s plastic enclosures is its capacity to be customized. Simco’s plastic enclosures can be machine drilled to create cable holes or openings for switches. If machine drills are not available to the costumers, it is not a problem. Simco actually provides custom made plastic enclosures for any clientele. Costumers just need to send a detailed illustration with preferences and Simco’s resident designers will discuss the different options to create the custom made plastic enclosure. If you fear a spike in the prices for custom made plastic enclosures, you need not fear. Simco provides customers’ alternatives like low cost moldings to lower the cost of the production of custom made plastic enclosures.  Despite the lower costs, you are still assured of top quality products.

SIMCO Has the Right Enclosure for Every Need

April 4th, 2015

SIMCO is a one stop shop for plastic enclosures. It has a wide range of plastic enclosures that suits the needs of the current market. This is why Simco is the best manufacturer and supplier of plastic enclosures.

Simco boasts of three main things – variety, durability, and innovation. These three characteristics are what make Simco the leader in the market. It is important to run through all these three characteristics to better understand and even prove why Simco is the leading supplier of plastic enclosures.



On Variety

Simco has a variety of plastic enclosures for every single client on the planet. All of these plastic enclosures are made possible by the best research and development team that Simco employs. Simco has the best designers and engineers who design and create various plastic enclosures.


Plastic Utility Boxes

simco-utility-boxes-01There are four main kinds of plastic enclosures offered by Simco. The first kind of plastic enclosures is the Plastic Utility Boxes. There are four different kinds of plastic utility boxes. The first kind is the Wall Mount Enclosures. This offers internal or external wall mounts that can be screwed on flat surfaces like walls or ceilings. The second kind is the Deep Bottom Plastic Enclosures. The third kind is the 4 Outlet Wall Mount Enclosures. This is especially made to be installed over an electric outlet or box. The fourth kind is the Potting Boxes.   This kind of enclosure has a top and bottom panel that attach without screws.


Plastic Pocket Size Enclosures

pocket-enclosure-simco-01The second main kind of plastic enclosures offered by Simco is the plastic pocket size enclosures. Simco has two series for the plastic pocket size enclosures. These are the Endeavor 24 Series and the Endeavor 35 Series. Both series have rounded edges and drop-in panels for switches or screens but the latter is slightly larger than the former.


Plastic Handheld Enclosures

simc-handheld-enclosure-01The third main kind of plastic enclosures is the plastic handheld enclosures. It has three series – Discovery 36 Series, Discovery 38 Series, and Discovery 45 Series.

The first series is smaller and has provision for batteries. The second series is narrower but taller for devices such as remote controls. The third series is the most ergonomic and has panels for keyboards or switches.


Plastic Desktop Enclosures

165The last kind of plastic enclosures is the plastic desktop enclosures.

There are two series under this kind – the Challenger Series and the Enterprise Series.

The Challenger Series is a large project case that is good for devices that are installed on tabletops.

The Enterprise Series is the largest among all of Simco’s plastic enclosures.


On Durability

All of Simco’s plastic enclosures are made from ABS plastic. ABS plastic is made from Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. This kind of plastic is impact resistant as well as weather resistant. This means that Simco’s plastic enclosures can survive years even if exposed under the sun or rain.

Aside from this, all of Simco’s plastic enclosures have an IP65 rating. This means that the electronic devices sealed in a Simco box is protected from dust and water. Simco does not only sell durable plastic enclosures; it also assures that the electronic devices installed within the box are protected as well.

Lastly, all of Simco’s plastic enclosures offer the 94VO-UL version. This version is flame retardant so this is good for electronic devices that will be installed near extremely hot environments.


On Innovation

When Simco vowed to make all kinds of plastic enclosures, they made sure they kept their promise. Simco launched their custom-made option for customers who have not found a right fit for their electronic devices. Customers who want a fully custom-made plastic enclosure just have to provide Simco with a blueprint. The blueprint will then be given to Simco’s resident designers and engineers. Simco will then contact the customer for further refinement of the initial blueprint. When both parties agree to the final design, it will be manufactured. This assures customers of quality and satisfaction.

Simco also offers custom design for their existing line of plastic enclosures. Companies that order in bulk may opt to etch their company logo on the surface of their chosen plastic enclosure. Simco will gladly accept other external designs requested by their customers. Simco also allows drilling on the side panels of their plastic enclosures. This is to accommodate customer requests on additional windows for screen panels or provisions for switches and buttons.

Simco is not only the leading supplier of plastic enclosures; they also come first when it comes to customer satisfaction. So go ahead and check out all available plastic enclosures at and find the best suited plastic enclosure for your electronic devices. You may also check out their existing line of accessories to make your plastic enclosures as personalized as possible.

Importance of RoHS Compliance

March 17th, 2015

rohs-compliant-01During the past decade, the government has been keen on promoting the use of environment friendly materials. However the use of plastic over the past decade or so has also been highly industrialized and commercialized due to its affordability as well as accessibility. Due to this, the European Union or EU made a law that oversees the careful formulation in the production of plastic and other materials. This law is called Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive or RoHS. This was made into law in 2003 and fully implemented in 2006.

RoHS simply obliges all members of the European Union to responsibly produce and manufacture materials such as plastic. Furthermore, it assures the consumers that the plastics sold in EU member states are free from any toxic and hazardous materials like lead or mercury.


Why do consumers need to make sure that they buy products that are RoHS compliant?

Consumers need to do their part in saving the environment and in making sure that what they use are not hazardous to other people. When they buy plastic enclosures that do not have a seal that indicates RoHS compliance, they run the risk of exposure to toxic materials. This also means that the plastic product contains materials that can damage the environment.


What are the hazardous ingredients that consumers need to watch out for?

Non-RoHS compliant plastic enclosures may have one of the six most toxic materials in it. These are polybrominated biphenyl, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated diphenyl, cadmium, and lead. Prior to the enforcement of RoHS, one these six materials were used to produce plastic enclosures for electronics. So you need to make sure that when you select your plastic enclosures, there is a seal that states RoHS compliant.


Do all RoHS compliant plastic enclosures have RoHS seals?

Even though RoHS is being implement by the the European Union, the law doesn’t require all RoHS compliant plastic enclosures to have a seal or stamp of safety. If you are a consumer that wishes to purchase a plastic enclosure that is RoHS compliant, you just need to check if it is approved by any EU member or if the product has the WEEE seal. WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment which is a directive that promotes waste recycling.


If I buy a plastic enclosure, does it really have to be RoHS compliant?

If you really care for your health and the health of other people, then the answer must be yes. RoHS protects all consumers from exposure to toxic materials especially lead.


What plastic products are covered by RoHS?

Plastic products that are not exempted from RoHS are large and small household appliances like stoves, coffee makers, refrigerators, air conditioners, and even hair dryers. Computer hardware like printers, keyboards also need to be RoHS compliant. Consumer electronics like video game consoles, controllers, radios, televisions are also not exempted from RoHS.

This just shows the broad coverage of RoHS to ensure the safety of all consumers.


Are there plastic products that are exempted from complying?

Yes, there are still products that do not need to be RoHS compliant. Most of these are medical equipment and apparatus or large industrial tools.


What brands sell plastic enclosures with RoHS safety seal?

There are many brands that carry RoHS compliant products. One of these is SIMCO.


SIMCO has a variety of plastic enclosures that are RoHS compliant. You can even have a custom made plastic enclosure for your own device and you can be assured that it is free from toxic materials.


Are RoHS compliant products more expensive?

Safety is not always expensive. In fact, there are many affordable plastic enclosures that are RoHS compliant. SIMCO’s utility boxes or plastic enclosures can be as cheap as $4.00 each so you don’t need to worry about your budget. Safe plastic enclosures are cheap and durable too.



For the regular consumers who want to make their own electronic devices and choose their preferred plastic enclosures to go with it, you need to be aware of the importance of RoHS. It is not to restrict your choice or to limit your freedom in buying. It is to give you the peace of mind that what you are buying and installing is safe for you, your loved ones, and even the environment.

Aside from the RoHS seal, you might want to purchase plastic enclosures that are also WEEE approved. This means that if you decide to discard your plastic enclosure, the plastic will be recycled and be reused. This will ensure less garbage in the environment and promote recycling in the community.

So the next time you think of buying plastic enclosures, make sure that it is RoHS compliant. Double check the package if it has the WEEE seal or if it is EU approved to ensure your safety.

Choosing The Right Plastic Enclosure

March 15th, 2015

Our lives are heavily influenced by electrical gadgets.  Every single activity we do almost always involves technology and electrical power.  This is all the more true at every household all over the world.  The use of technology is not limited to adults; electronic gadgets are now made accessible to even the youngest member of the family.  Since this is the current trend, electronic devices must be placed in proper housings to ensure safety and prevention of any fire, leak, or static.

The most affordable yet durable and safe electronic housing for these gadgets are plastic enclosures.  There are various kinds of plastic enclosures; each designed for a specific purpose and use.  Should you need to use such enclosures, you need to know its kinds so that you will make the best and correct decision.  This will ensure safety of the device as well as the users.

The first thing to do when selecting the correct plastic enclosure is knowing where you will install it.  If you will install it indoors, away from elements of weather, then it is best to use ABS plastic enclosures.  ABS or Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is a kind of plastic that non-hazardous, lightweight, and highly durable.  It is best used to protect household appliances or electronic gadgets.


SIMCO plastic enclosures are made of ABS Plastic Material.


If you will install the plastic enclosure outdoors, then you need to choose from several kinds that can best protect your device.  The best outdoor plastic enclosure that can withstand direct sunlight is the poly-carbonate type. Poly-carbonate plastic or PC is actually used as covering for greenhouses or transparent domes.  This is because PC plastics are heat and scratch resistant, which makes it the best option for outdoor use.

Another kind of plastic enclosure that is best suited for outdoor use is polyamide. Polyamide or PA can withstand extreme heat which makes it the best plastic enclosure for mechanical engines like car engines.  So if you think you will need to protect a device that will be operating for hours, then this kind of plastic enclosure will be your best option.  Polyamide will not melt nor deform under extreme temperatures.  The only weakness of polyamide plastics is humid weather.  If your live in the tropics, better not use polyamide.

If you need plastic enclosures that will be used in medical industries, then you may opt for the antimicrobial ABS.  It is similar to the ABS plastic mentioned previously, but the antimicrobial type is less durable.  The upside though is its ability to release ions that kill bacteria and viruses, which makes it the best option in the medical industry. It is widely used to enclose syringes, medical samples, blood works, and the like.

Another sturdy type of plastic enclosure is made from Poly (methyl methacrylate).  Poly(methyl methacrylate) or PMMA is a kind of transparent plastic that can, not only transmit light, but can also redirect it.  PMMA is best used when constructing large aquariums, skylight domes, and submarines.  PMMA can also be used in encasing musical instruments such as electric guitars and pianos.

If you are looking for plastic enclosures that can be protect your cellular phones, ebook readers, or tablets, then it is best to purchase thermoplastic elastomer.  Thermoplastic elastomer or TPE is made from the mixture of plastic and rubber.  This creates a flexible and sturdy material. Aside from protecting small gadgets like mobile phones and tablets, TPE can also be used to make nylon tubes that can protect wires and cables.  The advantage of using TPE is that it is recyclable.  This appeals to environmentalists all over the world.

Another kind of plastic enclosure that can appeal to environmentalists is biograde plastic. What is unique with biograde is it is made from cellulose which is an organic ingredient.  It is heat resistant and easy to mold.  It can be used to protect your electronic device but it can also be used for food storage.  That is how safe biograde is.

Now that we have listed all the different kinds of plastic enclosures, you can now be assured to pick the most suitable ones for your needs.  Whether it is for indoor or outdoor use or for electronic or manual devices, all these plastic enclosures are available online and at your nearest hardware stores.

You do not need to feel hesitant when purchasing plastic enclosures because it is safe to use.  It is safe because it does not conduct electricity therefore no one can get electrocuted.  It is also safe because most of it are non-toxic.     It is also durable because it can withstand extreme heat and cold.  In addition, it is easy to mold which means it can be custom made to your desired size, shape, and design. Most of all, it is cheaper than metal enclosures.

You can now protect your electronic devices and your apparatus by using plastic enclosures!


What is an Ergonomic Design?

March 1st, 2015

Any system or product is meant for a purpose. To realize this purpose, it must be made in a proper way. It should be functional. It should also be easy to use. Many efficient products may fail if they are not user friendly. When a product is made with user friendly features, it is said to have an ergonomic design.

24TB/P ABS Pocket Size Plastic Enclosure with Ergonomic Design

24TB/P ABS Pocket Size Plastic Enclosure with Ergonomic Design

Human factors

Ergonomic design studies the human factors. These factors are studied while crafting a system or product.Human factors are a set of disciplines. These factors study the communicationsbetween humans and the surrounding objects and environment. It studies how people handle objects. It also studies what is simple for them.Ergonomicthings are easy and comfortable to use. It is easy to learn and handle these products. Ergonomists make use of their knowledge on human behaviour. They also study other sciences to make ergonomic products. A lot of research and data are required in making an ergonomic design. These researches study the difficulties faced in designs. They then propose new designs based on research data. A common usability test isused to evaluate a design.


The dimensions and shape of the object are the major components of a design.According to the purpose of the object, the shape and dimensions of the object can be varied. These variations help in making the product user friendly.Ergonomics consists of three fields of research.They are:

  • Physical
  • Cognitive
  • Organisational ergonomics.

Physical ergonomics deals with making consumer and industrial products. This field of ergonomics uses many branches of science. They aim at creatingthe most comfortable and safe products.

Cognitive ergonomics deals with making products that do not require deep thinking. These products do not strain a user’s memory. They are also easy on cognitive abilities. Cognitive abilities include perception, memory, reasoning andmotor response. This field focuses on producing products. The products reduce mental workload. It helps in creating products and systems that are easily learnable.

Organizational ergonomics deals with the social structures and policies. It helps in improving these systems. Improvement is done with the help of ergonomic work environment.


Products with ergonomic design are found to have been successful. They are better in terms of functionality.People find it easier work with ergonomically designed products.They find it enjoyable. Ergonomic design also boosts productivity. It encourages people to work more comfortably. Users can understand the product easily. They can use it better.

24TBA/P ABS Pocket Size Plastic Enclosure with Ergonomic Design

24TBA/P ABS Pocket Size Plastic Enclosure with Ergonomic Design

Ergonomics improves correctness and reduces errors. It reduces stress, strain and chances of injury.It reduces tiredness and fatigue. People tend to work with a relaxed mind.It also saves time and cost. It lets people learn faster. It also helps them to work faster. It improves efficiency and reliability.Ergonomic products fulfil safety regulations. They are hence highly recommended. It also adds an appealing touch to the products.

Consumer product design

Ergonomic Consumer products design provides comfort. The other factors that are also considered are

  • function,
  • aesthetics,
  • safety,
  • durability and
  • usability

Ergonomic plastic enclosures from SIMCO

24TB ABS Pocket Size Plastic Enclosure and 45TB, 45 Series – Plastic Hand Held Enclosures from SIMCO meet all the characteristics of a good design. These are pocket size and hand held plastic boxes. They have an ergonomic design for easy use. They have an advanced ergonomic design for comfort. They are easy to handle and these plastic enclosures are available in many sizes. The enclosures are made from ABS plastic. ABS material is a thermoplastic polymer. It is chemical-resistant. It is tough and has a good impact resistance. It satisfies the ergonomic guidelines as it a safe material. It provides protection against high heat and impact. It is flame retardant. It is also RoHS compliant.These boxes are durable. They are also environmentally safe.


24TB ABS Pocket Size Plastic Enclosure


The 45 Series – Plastic Hand Held Enclosure measures 1.40″ x 3.680″ x 5.360″. Its ergonomic design features rounded corners, curved contours, and a slightly recessed area for key pads, overlays, etc. It is suitable for many applications such as meters, medical and test equipment. This hand-held enclosure has an IP Rating of 65.

The 24TB plastic enclosures measure 1.00″ x 2.825″ x 4.120″ and offers 7.8 cubic inches of internal space for your design needs. Like the 45 Series – Plastic Hand Held Enclosure, its ergonomic design features rounded corners, curved contours which will allow it to lay in your hand comfortably or you can drop it in a pocket when it is not being used a handheld device.

The enclosures are also pleasing to look at. They are beautifully designed with a good finish.

SIMCO Offers ABS Plastic Potting Boxes for Electronics

March 1st, 2015

What are potting boxes?

Potting boxes are electronic boxes. These are used for protecting electronic assemblies. They are made up of plastic and other materials that are resistant to shock and vibration.


Potting boxes are used for safely enclosing electronic assemblies like transformers and chokes. Potting can be done with the help of any solid or gelatinous shock resistant material. Potting boxes are made of solid materials and provide electronic assemblies. They provide a complete protection against moisture and corrosive agents.


Potting boxes are mainly used to protect electronic assemblies. They find a useful application in the development of electronic projects and applications. They are easy tools that engineers can use. They find applications insafeguarding their electronic circuits.


They provide electrical insulation and security to the person handling the electronic assemblies.It gives a thicker and more robust layer of protection. It protects the electronic assemblies from harsh environments.

They also prevent short circuit problems and voltage leakages. They improve the performance and reliability of the circuit.

Potting encloses the whole electronic assembly. They are very much helpful in making the product FIPS complaint.

Potting also prevents unauthorized manipulation of the circuit


Potting is done using various types of materials. Materials should be heat resistant and have insulating properties. Some of the commonly used materials for potting are:

  • Epoxy
  • Silicone
  • Urethane
  • Acrylic coatings

Potting boxes used are usually made of plastic and are mostly available in the following types

  • Duroplast

Duroplast offers high temperature resistance. They are highly resistant to deformation also.

  • PA

PA stands for PolyAmide which provides a good protection against high impact.

  • ABS

ABS potting boxes are mostly preferred for small assemblies and offer a good protection.


Sizes and Styles

Potting boxes also come in various sizes, colors and styles. Manufacturers provide various versions of potting boxes made of a single material. The design of a potting box may or may not include screw fixings, mounting arrangements and a cover lid.

They may also differ in their construction method with respect to how they were molded.

Buying guide

Some of the qualities of potting boxes that you must consider before buying a potting box are given below.

  • Material

The materials must be made from non-hazardous substances.They must offer a good protection. It should be complaint with the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) standards. It should be robust and tough.

  • Dimensions

The potting box that you want to buy must be suitable for its use. Potting boxes are usually available in fixed sizes from manufactures. You must choose the one that is suitable for you.

  • Flammability rating of the potting box must be appropriate.
  • Service temperature

The suggested service temperature value must be specified by the manufacturer. This will help you choose the suitable potting boxes depending upon the type of project.

  • Design

Potting boxes are available in several designs. They may have different mount types. Some manufacturers also provide custom potting boxes.  You must enquire into these design specifics. This would help in getting the most useful potting box.

ABS Plastic Potting Box for Electronics from SIMCO

The ABS Potting Boxes produced by Simcobox are high quality potting boxes that can be used for your electronic projects.

These attractive and robust potting boxes are made of durable and high impact ABS plastic. ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. This is a type of thermoplastic polymer. It has good chemical resistance. It also offers increased surface hardness. It is a hard and tough material with very good impact resistance. It is a widely used material for molding Potting boxes. Some of the advantages of ABS are

  • flame retardant
  • high heat resistance
  • Good impact resistance
  • Good process-ability
  • RoHS compliant

The efficient design of the Potting boxes from Simcoboxprovides flexibility. The dimensions of these potting boxes are 2 inches square by .735 high. Each potting box consists of a molded top and bottom.These are made from ABS plastic.It does not use screws. Thetop and bottom pieces fit together snugly. If you wish, you can weld the two pieces together.Welding can be done with the help of ultrasonic methods or glue them together.

It can also be used in wet environments. This can be done by separating the two pieces. Encapsulated liquid is then poured over the installed assemblies.

These boxes have a good IP rating. IP rating is used for indicating the degree of protection from foreign object. These boxes have the rating in the range of 65 to 68.

They do not have wall mount tabs, 3D drawing and battery access. They are available in three colors. These are black, dark grey and ivory.

Simco also offers options to customize them by allowing custom machining and printing.

Advantages of Pocket Size Enclosures

February 7th, 2015

Enclosures are used in the industry to cover a wide range of devices. Most industrial places have these boxes. You can also use the cases to carry other items apart from those found in the industry. The boxes are very important because they protect tools from dust, water, and chemicals, among others. Some of the materials that makers use for enclosures include fiberglass, stainless steel, aluminum, and sheet metal. In the same way, enclosures come in different sizes. There are also those covers that are fixed while others are portable.

A further division of the portable covers gives both handheld and pocket size types. Handheld covers range between 6 and 11 inches in size. They are slightly bigger than pocket size covers, which measure about 3 inches.

You can use pocket sized covers to carry many types of equipment. Common uses of pocket size covers include infrared devices, radio frequency (RF) devices, personal security tools, medical gadgets, and measurement tools. You can also use these cages to carry small things such as jewelry, mobile phone, keys, and media players.

So, why would somebody use a cover as small as the pocket size one instead of the bigger ones? The main feature of these kinds of enclosures is that they keep the equipment in a fixed position. Therefore, pocket size enclosures have the following advantages:

Reasons You Need Pocket Size Enclosures

Pocket Size Enclosures Can Be Changed Easily

It usually easy to alter certain covers, especially those made from plastic. However, the job is even easier if you are dealing with a pocket size enclosure. As long as you have the right machine, working with a small device is easy. Modern VMC milling machines can produce customized products with very high degrees of accuracy.

When the customization is being done from a standard part, the part must first be secured on the machine. Then, the drawing of the desired part is loaded into the machine and the right tools as well. Then the operator starts the machine so that it can create the slots, holes, tapings, and so on. If you are to do such kind of change, you will find pocket size covers very easy to handle. Whatever material you are using, small covers will always be easier to machine, drill, chamfer, and so on.


The Ease of Movement of Devices is Increased

Movement of certain cages is very important, if you desire to use your device in different places. For example, people are nowadays walking around with medical tools, media players, and cameras. If there were no small sized cages, users may have to think twice before carrying such delicate devices. Makers are able to make pocket size cages that cover small devices for better use and security.

The main use of a pocket size case is to make a device easier to carry. Some devices do not have good handles and carrying them can be a problem. Pocket size cases solve this problem very easily.


The Cases Have Higher Resistance to Damage

Impact resistance is simply the ability of an object to resist breakage in the event of a sudden force against it. When a case falls, it suffers an impact. The larger the object is, the higher the effect of the impact will be, and vice versa. Most manufacturers create enclosures with the consideration of this resistance in mind. However, you can draw an extra advantage by going for pocket size cases, if your device is small enough.


They Use Less Material to Make

Even for the small devices, the maker has the option of using large cases. However, it is better to make pocket size covers and use less material. This is very important if you look at the cost of production. By using small sized covers, companies are able to save a lot of money and make more profits.


Outward Appearance

The look of any product is very important. If the good is not so attractive in its normal form, you can use a pocket size covers to hide the “flaws”. Some companies have also taken pocket size cases as a way of marketing. You can add certain features of your business, for example the logo or tag line, on top of an enclosure to market your business. This is an easy yet effective form of marketing. Whenever the user removes the enclosure in front of people, your business will have gained some mileage in terms of reach.


Final Take

There are many types of cases in the market. These covers vary in terms of size, material, weight, and design. Each of these covers has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. When you are choosing a pocket size enclosure, be sure that it can handle the size and weight of the device. You also need to know the level of modification needed to decide if the pocket size enclosure can handle it. This way, you will be able to experience the many advantages of pocket size enclosures.

Importance of Security Device Plastic Enclosures

December 19th, 2014

What are Security Devices?

As a homeowner or businessperson, you have the duty of ensuring the safety of people. For enhanced security, there are the special tools that watch the home or business for you. Security devices are critical for any home or business. Examples of devices available in the market include cameras, entry alarms, smoke detectors and fire alarms, safes, and locks.



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You can find security devices from many shops across the country. Before fixing a security device in your home or business, it is important to consider several factors. One of them is the matter used to make the housings. Why would plastic be an excellent choice for security device plastic enclosures? This article seeks to answer this question.

Other Materials

When you have formed a security component, the next thing would be to give the device a good look. Something that would enhance the appearance of the item and add years to it. Without this thought, some of the tools would be open to many risks. For housing matter, there are many options. These include plastic, metals such as steel and aluminum, and non-metals such as asbestos.

Each of these elements has its pros and cons. For example, metals are stronger and more durable than other materials. However, strength and stamina are not the only factors for a device cover. Traits of plastic are equally vital for a cover.

Importance of Plastic

When talking about plastic covers, it is usually about two types of plastic. These are polycarbonate and polyester varieties. The traits of the former include resistance to forces and corrosion. In addition, this matter is cheaper than many others are.

The latter also offers you several benefits at a fair price. The material is light so it would be work for a security device. It is suitable for many outdoor and indoor uses as long as you do not expose it to direct sunlight.

Working with plastic is enjoyable and easy. If you have learnt some skills with timber, working with plastic is not a hard job. This means that you can make a plastic housing to any shape or size.



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Most people would be concerned about the natural effects of a product before buying it. Plastic is safe to use but this depends on how you dispose it. You can reuse the plastic covers when you no longer need your security item. In addition, newer security items come to the market. You can use plastic for different items for as many times as you wish.

May be you do not want to reuse the plastic material. Do not worry because you have another way of using this waste. You can produce energy and use it. If you burn plastic in a process called incineration, you can make energy.

If a security element has less weight, it will be better for you. The general rule is that the heavier an item, the more the energy the makers use to produce it. If the maker uses more energy, they will charge you more for the item. With plastic devices becoming lighter, the prices are also going down.

If you compare plastic with most of the other options, it offers more strength. This is despite such a cover using less matter. As a client, you will find this useful in several ways. First, this reduces your cost of transit by a huge amount. In addition, this adds to the friendliness of plastic to nature; you add less waste to the area, if you do at all. This makes the matter the perfect answer to the needs of cages in the security devices industry.

How Do You Choose?

If you are using plastic for security device cage, design factors will guide which type of plastic to choose. First, determine whether you will use the item indoors or outdoors. If you will use the device in the outdoor areas, you might want to know whether sunlight will be direct or indirect. Further, it is wise to know the amount of movement you expect around the equipment.

Plastic Cover Is the Solution

Security is crucial for all of us. You would want a reliable device for your home or business. There are many matters for devices but plastic stands out for security use. Plastic is a reliable matter for making security devices cages. It allows for custom shaping, holes for fixing, and can work in different degrees of coldness or hotness. Also, plastic is cheaper than other elements.

No matter the choice you make between plastic and other elements, it is important to choose a cover that is suitable for your needs. For example, if your cover will need many wires, using a metal box would be dangerous. Make a choice to use plastic covers for your security devices.

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