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We discuss all things to do with plastic enclsoures and thier applications in the electronics industry.

Custom Plastic Enclosures Secure – Devices for an Affordable Price

March 11th, 2014

Providing protection for your computers and other devices is an important part of your overall network. One easy way to do this is to encase your devices in custom plastic enclosures. These enclosures are made from a molded plastic based on plans or a prototype of your item that you need to protect. The rounded edges and soft color (if you so desire) will make it a complementary piece of your office, not just a necessity. The sturdy ABS plastic will also be long lasting.


Enclosures are reasonably priced, so your entire office can be taken care of. The lightness of the plastic means the enclosures can be used with portable devices, too. Should you have to move offices, enclosures can ensure that your computers will not be knocked about and damaged as a result. The plastic used in manufacturing can also come with UV protection, so your items will not face damage from the sun or overhead lighting.


Custom plastic enclosures should meet the requirements as outlined by the European Union in the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals Directive, or REACH. This regulation was enacted to ensure that any chemical products entering the EU in excess of 100 tons are registered with the appropriate agency. This helps regulate chemical use so that the Earth stays cleaner. There is also the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive, or RoHS, that your product should comply with. This regulates the proper handling and use of six common yet hazardous chemicals used in electronics manufacturing.


Not only should your enclosure be made safely, but it should also provide you a level of protection against toxic fumes being emitted, which you otherwise would have to be breathing in.


A plastic enclosure can shield your device from electromagnetic or radio frequency interferences, too. These waves of energy can wreak serious havoc on electronics, causing gaps in information transfer or interfering with the paths of the circuits. When you are having your enclosure designed, be sure to include any ports you need cut into the plastic so that your cords and cables can be plugged in and not leave any areas unnecessarily exposed to energy waves, dust, or other environmental agents.


Some of the custom plastic enclosures you can have made include computer cases, portable device cases, DIN rail boxes, utility boxes, and potting boxes. Potting provides an exceptional level of shock protection for your circuit boards, and it shields boards from corrosion.


Your custom made enclosure can even have your company logo printed on the case or etched in, so that your new case can be even more functional than before.


When you buy directly from the company that produces the custom plastic enclosures you have two benefits. The first is being able to communicate with them exactly what you need so that you get just what you want. You have a person you can talk to who will make sure your order is just right. The second is the cost saving that comes from not having to talk to a designer and then have that person ship the design to an outside firm.


Custom Plastic Enclosures – What Customization Options Are Available?

March 4th, 2014

155With the development of custom plastic enclosures and their popularization as an option, packaging electronics and other items and protecting them adequately has been taken to a whole new level. If you own a company that needs enclosures with certain specifications and dimensions to fit its products perfectly, there is a high chance that you may not find readymade ones with the exact specifications you require. However, with the customization options available, your enclosures can be produced in such a way that they satisfy all your demands.

Plastic enclosures keep the environment safe

February 22nd, 2014

The plastic enclosures are produced for sheltering medical, mechanical and electronic equipment. The custom made molding is designed to give maximum protection of the equipment that is inside whilst at the same time it offers high-quality packaging.

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There are many companies on the market nowadays that claim to produce the best housing for your products. However, in order to find out the best one out of them you will need to make sure that the producer is following all regulations and directives of the European Union and produces plastic enclosures not only safe for the customers but also for the environment.

The European Union wants to make sure that the plastic that is produced is made from approved materials that are not going to harm nature. That is why there are different regulations that every respected manufacturer of custom plastic enclosures needs to follow. One of them is the use of the ABS plastic.

ABS plastic is very resistant thermoplastic and it reaches its glass transition at 105 degrees. The different compounds like nitrile, styrene and butadiene make the plastic stronger than polystyrene, shiny and give it a rubbery surface that can provide extreme resistance even at very low temperatures. These good qualities of the ABS make it the preferred material used for custom plastic enclosures because even in the event of leakage of batteries or any other dangerous acids that are in the products that are being housed, the plastic is not going to leak thus keeping the people and environment save. As we know, there is nothing worse than a torch with old batteries that have leaked all over your clothes.

ABS is also resistant to different acids and alkalis, mineral and vegetable oils. Although the main use of the ABS plastic is in the mechanical sphere, it is also used with electronics because of its good electrical properties which are very constant and resist a range of different frequencies. The properties of the ABS can hardly be affected by atmospheric humidity or high temperature (here we mean the acceptable range of the temperatures). The ABS plastic is widely used for custom plastic enclosures because it is safe and durable. It will melt in case it is exposed to extreme temperatures like wood fire. However, the good thing about it is that it is biodegradable and will cause no harm to nature. This plastic can be placed in the recycle bins although in some places that might not be possible so you have to check with your local council.

If you have a company that is producing electronics and you want to custom make the housing for them then you need to find a company that works with ABS and can prove it. This will guarantee you a safe and stylish product that will cause no harm to the environment or people and can be recycled in most places. Move along with the eco trends of today and become the preferred supplier for your customers because you use quality custom plastic enclosures.

Machining and Printing Services for Custom Enclosures

June 27th, 2012

Standard Injection Molding Company takes their enclosures to the next level; they do custom machining and printing to precision specifications, all in-house. Other customization options are also available.

SIMCO combines machining services with design expertise. Customers can send in a sample circuit board, and SIMCO will fit the enclosure to the functions needed. If the customer already has a design, they can send in a drawing in most formats, including dwg, dxf, iges, pdf, jpg, bmp and vector.

SIMCO uses a Fryer VB-40 Vertical Machining Center to achieve tolerances as tight as 0.005″. Their plastic enclosures and panels are easily machined or drilled to create openings for switches, connectors, displays, etc. The typical lead-time is just four weeks.

SIMCO can also pad print logos and labels on their enclosures. They have a wide variety of ink colors available. For custom printing, artwork should be sent in pdf, jpg, bmp or Photoshop format. The artwork should be in a 1:1 format. The drawing should indicate position of the art on the case. The better the quality of the file the better end product the customer will receive.

Some SIMCO plastic enclosures can be custom molded using our patented “insert” technique to mold openings and assembly requirements where needed. A special low cost mold can be constructed to your specifications for inexpensive custom end panels.

SIMCO’s custom enclosures have been used for a variety of applications, including weather radios, oscilloscopes, USB devices and telephone switches. Almost any electronic device can be housed in a SIMCO enclosure.

SIMCO Disclosures

We discuss all things to do with plastic enclsoures and thier applications in the electronics industry.