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SIMCO's Newest Plastic Enclosures

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Posted: 01-01-2012 09:24 AM
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Now available from SIMCO are new Handheld Plastic Enclosures measuring 1.40" x 3.68" x 5.36"

Now available from SIMCO are new handheld plastic enclosures measuring 1.40” x 3.68” x 5.36”.

These slim-line plastic enclosures feature rounded corners, curved contours, and a slightly recessed area for key pads, overlays etc.  These enclosures join the SIMCO Discovery Series of handheld plastic enclosures and are available in four styles with many design options.  They are available from stock in two colors, Black and PC Bone Grey.  The enclosures are molded of high quality ABS material.  Applications requiring UL 94V0 flame retardant specifications are available on request.

Other options offered include EMI/RFI shielding for protection against electromagnetic interference.  Our high tolerance CNC machines can create cut-outs, openings, chamfers, and other assembly requirements to exact specifications.  Pad Printing is another option offered to complete the design process.

There are four models that are immediately available.  All have the same sleek, ergonomic design that compliments and enhances the product in every possible way creating a high-impact visual first impression.  The lightly textured finish lends a pleasing tactile to the enclosures.  The smoother recessed area is suitable for imprinting or overlays.

The 45TB model features a plain top and plain bottom.  The 45TB/P has a drop-in panel on one end.  Both models can be ordered with a battery access door that will accommodate most battery requirements.  Order number 45TBA is for the plain top, plain bottom with battery access.  Model number 45TBA/P is for the drop-in panel and battery access.

For more information contact Mike Early at SIMCO.  Phone # 863-452-9090 or e-mail [email protected]

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