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Desktop Enclosures

Large Desktop Plastic Enclosures made from ABS Plastic.

These large ABS plastic enclosures are perfect project boxes for desktop or work bench applications. These housings feature molded-in card guides for vertical mounting of your circuit board and pc board bosses for mount your boards flat. They also feature removable panels on both ends which can be used for displays, switches and connectors. We offer a variety of services such as machining, RFI/EMI shielding and pad printing to customize your desktop enclosure. These IP65 enclosures are perfect for most applications.

ABS Large Desktop Plastic Enclosures and Project Boxes.

These large plastic desktop enclosures offers an attractive and rugged housing solution for desk or bench top applications, such as meters, test equipment, telecommunications, security and monitoring devices. They are suitable for many types of projects. Optional Tilt stand/handle kits and mounting brackets afford complete portability.

The molded top and bottom covers have provisions for drop-in front and rear panels, which are included. Molded-in card guides and PC board mounting bosses are standard. A side expander panel is utilized on some models to create additional height for bulkier components.

These large desktop housings have an IP65 rating and are made from ABS plastic.

Front and rear Panels are included in all Desk Top Enclosures. Order extras only if required.

Large ABS Bench Top Plastic Enclosures

The 425X911 is the largest SIMCO housing. Its rugged design makes it suitable for many applications from industrial and commercial to the medical field. It is available with or without ventilation slots molded in top and bottom covers. Front and rear panels are included and comes with screws and rubber feet.


150X69 Desktop Plastic Enclosure
desc here
Height 1.55in
Width 6.33in
Length 9.62in
150X75 Desktop Plastic Enclosure
desc here
Height 1.53in
Width 7.06in
Length 5.3in
SCF-125 Plastic Housing
desc here
Height 1.65 in
Width 8.36 in
Length 9.11 in