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Custom Machining And Printing Services

Custom Machining and Printing is Always within Reach.

Design expertise and Machining at your fingertips. Custom Plastic enclosures are our specialty.

Steve Jobs once said that a leader and a follower are only distinguished by their amount of innovation. Simco is a leader with innovative valued services in custom machining and printing. When design expertise and machining services are combined, it results in a unique product and a satisfied customer. Simco welcomes customers to provide the company with a sample circuit board, in which Simco will retrofit the enclosure to the customer’s specifications.

Simco has consistently provided a superior quality of performance to the customer’s specifications in all jobs. Simco will accept vector images, and a plethora of other format types of the customer’s drawings. In Simco’s CNC Machining centers extremely tight tolerances can be achieve to provide the customer with the best possible product.

All enclosures that Simco creates can have custom logos or labels printed directly on the surface. There is a huge variety of pantone colors available for the customer to choose from or match an existing piece of graphic artwork. If the customer desires custom printing, the image should be provided to Simco in a pdf, jpg, or bmp format. Some other formats are acceptable, and Simco would be glad to offer assistance in identify the best format for the custom printing project. The customer will receive the best product when the original image is in the highest resolution possible.

Do not let financial restraint become the beast that is holding your needs at bay. Simco has value supplemental services available to meet the needs of every customer. The value supplemental services are available to be cost efficient on every customer’s projects that need an electronic enclosure. Simco is able to use any of the standard enclosures or cases, and then customize per the customer’s specifications. There are no minimum order requirements, competitive setup costs, and no additional cost for more than one supplier, and decades of experience.


Simco encourages all its prospective customers to explore the image galleries or video galleries available on the website. The galleries can provide the customer an accurate perspective on what to expect from a Simco product.

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