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The beauty and durability of molded plastics are qualities that are appreciated by todays consumer. SIMCO's plastic enclosures are manufactured using only the finest grades of material and are molded to strict specifications. They are rugged, functional and aesthetically pleasing. And, they are surprisingly low-cost. These advantages make SIMCO the smartest and most logical choice for all your enclosure needs from prototype to production.

SIMCO was established in 1982 and has been providing quality enclosures to the EOEM for more than 25 years. Our sister company, SIMCO Machine & Tool was formed a few years later to enhance the companys ability to build new molds and tools to meet the growing demand for new size requirements. All of our 100 + enclosures are manufactured in our Central Florida location and are available off-the-shelf.

Because we are the manufacturer, we are able to offer lower prices and a faster, more one-on-one response time for all of your enclosure needs. Whether you need a standard enclosure shipped within 24 hours, or a timely solution to a packaging challenge, SIMCO is the right choice.