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SIMCO'S New Belt Clip

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Posted: 03-20-2012 08:22 AM
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SIMCO has developed a new belt clip to fit the SATURN Plastic enclosure series.


BC1  Belt Clip


The new BC1 belt clip installs easily to the SATURN enclosures.  The one-piece molded ABS clip has molded-in screw posts for positioning neatly within the existing case screw bosses.  Assembly is completed using the same Plastite® fasteners that are used to secure the case.

The BC1 belt clip creates a functional, yet attractive package for the SATURN utility box series.  The clips will fit these SATURN enclosures:  100X23, 100X25, 160X23, and 160X25. This belt clip will also fit the 24 Series plastic enclosure.

They are available in these standard SIMCO colors:  Black, Dark Grey, and PC Bone Grey.

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