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SIMCO celebrates 30 Year Anniversary

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Posted: 02-02-2012 09:23 AM
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Synopsis: This is an important occasion for us at SIMCO and we would like to share with you some of milestones from the past two and a half decades.

This is an important occasion for us at SIMCO and we would like to share with you some of milestones from the past three decades.

COMPANY HISTORY -  SIMCO was founded in July 1982 by Joseph and Drema Zimmerman.  Joe owned and operated a successful electronic parts distributorship in Miami, Florida during the seventies.  Joe’s company NCB Distributors, stocked a variety of small “project boxes” along with the other lines of electronic parts.  It was a specific customer requirement that led to the conception of the first enclosure that would become the SIMCO part # 150X5.

     Although the box was designed with only one customer in mind, it soon became evident that others in the industry had need for a low-cost, high-tech enclosure that could be modified to suit their particular need.  As the customer base for the enclosure grew, the demand for more varied sizes also grew.  Two larger sizes were designed in the spring of 1982 and a new company was formed to promote their introduction. The new company, Standard Injection Molding Co. Inc. dba SIMCO prospered under Joe’s outstanding leadership until his untimely death in September 1995.  Since then the company has continued to be a family-run company dedicated to customer service and employing the same ethics and standards that have helped make SIMCO one of the most respected and reliable enclosure manufacturers in the industry.

SIMCO TODAY – Today there are more than 100 different models and styles of SIMCO enclosures to choose from and all are available off-the-shelf.  SIMCO enclosures are aesthetically pleasing, rugged, and low-cost.  There are many value-added services and options available from SIMCO all aimed at helping to speed a products entry to market.  From prototype to production SIMCO can assist in many design needs such as custom machining, assembly, EMI/RFI shielding and pad imprinting.  Because we are the manufacturer and sell direct to the EOEM customer we can offer lower prices and faster response.

MISSION STATEMENT – At SIMCO we are continually focused on developing a strong partnership with our customers.  Our commitment to quality parts delivered on time at the best possible value has contributed to our growth, and enhanced our customers’ ability to compete in an ever changing, competitive industry.

THANK YOU - We couldn’t let this anniversary pass without taking the time to thank all of our valued customers, sales associates, material suppliers and the many others who have contributed to our success.  We sincerely thank you.

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