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45TB/P Plastic Hand Held Enclosure

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Model Number 45TB/P/BK  

Step 1: Choose Color



Dark Grey

Step 2: Select Material

94HB - Standard

94VO - UL

Market price: $4.98 (Save 11%)
$4.42 (4.15)

45TB/P Large Handheld Enclosures with End Panel

Reccessed top, flat bottom with drop-in end panel.

This model measures 1.40" x 3.680" x 5.360". The ergonomic design features rounded corners, curved contours, and a slightly recessed area for key pads, overlays, etc. Other available features include a drop-in end panel. This model features a plain top and bottom with a drop-in panel.  It is suitable for many applications such as meters, medical and test equipment. This hand-held enclosure has an IP Rating of 65.

Custom Machining and Printing are available. Please call for more information

Other models in this series are available without drop-in panels, with or without battery access.

  • 45TBA includes battery access without a panel.
  • 45TBA/P includes battery access with a drop-in panel.
  • 45TB Top and bottom without panel or battery access.


Kit includes:

Available Options:

  • Custom machining for switches and connectors.
  • Printing of Company Logos and switches.
  • EMI/RFI Shielding is available.

plastic handheld enclosures
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  • High impact material
  • Plastite screws
  • PC board provisions
  • Drop-in panel
  • Easily machined
  • Colors:Black, Dark Grey*, Ivory

45TB with Panel

This file is in a PDF format. This is the drawing for the 45TB/P handheld enclosure with end panel.

If you need a different format please contact [email protected]

45TB with Panel 45TB Panel.pdf

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