Pocket Size Plastic Enclosures

ABS Pocket Size Plastic  Enclosures and Project Boxes

Endeavor Series - Plastic Cases

The plastic pocket size plastic enclosures are attractive yet durable. They feature removable panels and battery access. They are well suited for applications requiring a smaller size plastic case. It can also be used as a smaller handheld enclosure. The cases are perfect for smaller projects.

Our IP65 enclosures are made from high quality abs plastic material.

Endeavor 24 Series Pocket Size Plastic Enclosures

Plastic Enclosures, Pocket Size - 24 Series - IP65 rated enclosures

These models measure 1.00" x 2.50" x 4.00". The ergonomic design features rounded corners, curved contours, and a slightly recessed area for key pads, overlays, etc. Other available features include a drop-in end panel and a slide-off battery access door that will accommodate most battery requirements. It can also be used as a small handheld enclosure. Perfect for the smaller electronic projects.

IP65 enclosure include the 24 series.

The SIMCO BC-1 Belt clip will fit all 24 Series enclosures.

All of the pocket size plastic  enclosures are made from ABS plastic and are RoHS and Rech compliant.

Endeavor 35 Series Pocket Size Plastic Enclosures

Plastic Enclosures - 35 Series

These larger plastic pocket enclosures measure 1.30" x 2.97" x 4.85".

Choose a plain top or contour top with recessed areas for labels, imprinting, or custom modifications. Available with a generous battery compartment and slide-off battery access door. A drop-in end panel on one end is standard on all models.

These pocket size plastic enclosures are made from ABS plastic.


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